10 March 2010

Supernatural News Digest: A Very Uncle Bobby Update

I am liking the Bobby centric episode. New prom pics were released by the CW, thanks to Hunters' Addict for the awesome pics. Episode 5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid will air on March 25 on the CW. Can't wait for the fudging pointless hellatus to be over.

It's been also announced that the season 5 finale of Supernatural will be on May 13, while Smallville season 9 finale will be on May 14. That's gonna be a great weekend of TV viewing!

Matt Frewer will be making an appearance one of the Horsemen, Pestilence in episode 5:20 The Devil You Know. Sera Gamble said “Our first brush with him in episode 5.20 seems relatively innocuous and then unfolds into something more substantial. Put it to you this way: Horsemen on our show tend to think several moves ahead.“
Source Hunters Addict & SpoilerTV.

Oh before I go, if you have a goldfish, it might consider auditioning for Captain America. There is a very funny article from a fan about this.

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