07 March 2010

Supernatural episode stuff; 100th episode lockdown

Dean reading spoilers

5.20 Episode title

The episode title for 5.20 is release. It's called The Devil You Know. Crowley will return. AWESOME!

Dear Kripke - Surprise me!

And I should give you the heads up now, my 100th episode lockdown will have a different approach. This lockdown is different from other lockdown. With the usual lockdown, I am only committed to NOT to watch any preview clips, But with the 100th episode lockdown, I am committed to NOT to read any spoilers, promo photos, casting news and of course I won't watch the preview clips, (not even the TV promos). So, that means, I won't be posting any spoilers or news on the 100th episode. Go to WinchesterBros or Hunters' Addict or Supernatural by Krytonsite for more news.

Brave move you say? YES! Can I do it? Will I fail this lockdown? I really want a complete lockdown! On the bright side, expect a crap load of stuff in my 100th episode review!

One last spoiler before I sign off for the day, Mary Winchester won't be appear in the 100th episode, she will be in a few episodes before. Which guest stars will appear in the 100th episode? Well... Don't ask me! :D

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