11 November 2012

Supernatural Review - Ep 8.06 Southern Comfort

Review -- Supernatural ep 8.06 Southern Comfort

One tooth fairy can change the life of a dentist forever. You have no idea how funny it is to me!!

It's official -- I LOVE GARTH. His rain forest puppy, happy-go-lucky personality dominates this week's episode, Southern Comfort. Hunting is not exactly a happy job, you can't be happy about it because people die from supernatural causes, and someone has to save them and protect them. It's a serious business -- that's how Dean sees it, and that's how Sam sees it. And it is the reasons for getting into hunting in the first place that make our heroes dark and twisted.

Garth's attitude towards hunting is different, he is not dark and twisted -- his happy-go-lucky attitude that makes him totally adorable. You cannot hate the guy! One of the key things about Garth is that he didn't get into hunting because he was angry or lost someone, he didn't grow up in a family like the Winchesters, Campbells or Harvelles. Garth became a hunter because it was the right thing to do and it was his choice. Dean and Sam didn't have the luxury to choose when they were little boys. But Garth is 'happy' doing what he does as a hunter (at least for now) and he genuinely cares about what he does.

Is Garth the new Bobby? Bobby is irreplaceable, but it's not wrong for Garth to step up. His mindset is in the right place, not because he wants to show off or for fame and fortune, he does it because it's the right thing to do. With Dean and Sam went MIA for a year, somebody has to continue saving people, hunting things. I think Garth IS someone Dean and Sam need right now, because he genuinely wants to help and it's from the heart. He knows how much Dean and Sam meant for Bobby. Someone has to be there to remind Dean and Sam about their family value and humanity because things can get lost.

I particular love the comedic/ random elements in Garth's character that make him so adorable -- the slow-mo in the beginning; the tooth fairy being his first kill; he was a dentist; he is a history buff; he is a hugger. He really grows on you. Garth is the perfect side-kick -- he is like Robin to Batman, less the attitude; he is like a Neville Longbottom, he will fight evil because it's the right thing to do; he is like Chas Kramer in the movie Constantine, the apprentice who will be the hero one day. I think if DJ Qualls' schedule permits, I would love to see his character more. I am really loving the chemistry he is developing with Dean and Sam.

Southern Comfort is the best episode written by Adam Glass to date. The script was amazing with some fantastic punchy dialogues. One of the best lines in this episode was brilliantly delivered by DJ Qualls.   
“Bobby belonged to all of us, not just you and Sam. I'm just taking what he showed me and trying to do something with it.” -- Garth in Southern Comfort
I cried. I think this scene was super good! Garth is showing Dean a new perspective. Dean can be very closed off when it comes to his feeling -- he would rather work on the Impala, turn to drinking or killed monsters. Dean isn't the caring sharing type. He is totally unaware of how much Bobby meant to the hunter community.

I like how the writers position Garth to highlight something that even Dean and Sam don't realise because they have no other perspectives other than their own. Garth is a breathe of fresh air. I like how he said to both Dean and Sam on separate occasions that he is here for them if they need to talk. I also particular like the pairing -- both Dean and Sam paired up with Garth separately. The focus of the conversation between Dean and Garth was Bobby, and it was so good! And then when Sam paired up with Garth, Sam was spaced out thinking about Amelia. I really want to know why Sam left her and I need the Sam-in-a-chic-flick arc to be resolved sooner rather than later because it will get uninteresting once they drag it out. 

Jensen Ackles delivers another brilliant performance when Dean was under the influence of the ghost. Dean wasn't himself, but his lines were punchy, angry but above all things, they were honest. In fact, only when Dean was not himself -- as seen in Sex And Violence -- his 'other' self said the most honest things, his 'other' self said things that the 'real' self was too nice to say them. Southern Comfort opened another can of worms -- the demon blood, Ruby, Grandpa Campbell, soulless Sam -- everything! Sam said he made mistakes and Dean thought they were choices. This argument will never end.

Dean obviously has been having a hard time accepting Bobby's death, Cas' betrayal, and new ally such as Garth. Above all things, there is always something involving Sam that Dean has to deal with on an emotional level. Sam has the right to get angry about Benny and everything else, but hey, Amy Pond DID kill four people and Sam did switch off his phones for a year and did not look for Dean. Sam is pissed about the fact that Dean keeps a secret about Benny, and the fact that they are 'friends'. And I think for Dean, accepting a vampire as a friend is no his proudest moment but it is something he can justify to himself and he gets why Sam is having a hard time accepting it.  

I hope Sam will understand where Dean is coming from and respect his brother's relationship with Benny, which was bonded over a very difficult environment. When Dean returned from hell, he didn't want to talk for a long time about what happened. Sam's attitude then was more caring and understanding, even when he found out Dean was torturing souls. So I am a little surprised about Sam's frustration because he should know better about his brother's character. It's almost like he was trying to make Dean feel guilty. It's like "OK, so I made mistakes... (pause).. but..but you lie to me about Benny." Really Sam?

Dean had to survive purgatory and to make his way back to earth. Sam wasn't helping, he didn't even know where Dean was, he switched off his phone and he just left. So Dean had to do it on his own, and then Benny happened. Dean is all about loyalty -- he never gave up on Sam and his family, no matter how screwed up things were; Cas was messed up but Dean still wouldn't leave his best friend behind; and it appears that Benny is deeply effected by the 'whole friend-thing'. Of course, we haven't seen Benny doing anything bad and I think his character will be tested later on. The moment Benny kills a human, Dean will be caught in the middle and Sam will be the first to send him back to purgatory. Fair enough. I also wish when Cas returns, he can help Sam to understand purgatory and Benny. I for one would love to see the theme of redemption to play a role this season.

In summary, Southern Comfort is my favourite episode this season so far. I think it sets up the next few episodes nicely in terms of the conflicts, Benny, truth, respect and communication. The brothers are willing to put things away and move on but they also need to bring respect and communication back into the family. It's great drama and I can't wait to see more.

Castiel will make an official come back along with Kevin, Mrs Tran and Crowley in next week's 8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin. Amanda Tapping will also make her first appearance on the show. With this awesome line-up, this sounds like an epic mid-season finale! Here is the description and TV promo once again:

CASTIEL ESCAPES PURGATORY — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are stunned when Castiel (Misha Collins) suddenly appears back on Earth with no memory of how he escaped from Purgatory. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tran (guest star Lauren Tom) enlists a witch (guest star Cyrina Fiallo) to concoct a demon bomb, but the witch double crosses Mrs. Tran and turns her and Kevin (guest star Osric Chau) over to Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard). Charlie Carner directed the episode written by Eugenie Ross–Leming & Brad Buckner. 


  1. Lovely review Tiny! This was a very good ep. Definitely the best thing Adam Glass has done. I also liked Garth in this and I haven't cared for him before.

    I loved all the argy bargy between the brothers. I thought it was great to get it out. I loved that Dean used the word CHOICES. There's ownership that goes with that word that I'm not sure has ever been faced....

    Such a good season Tiny! :D

    1. Thanks Amy! I think all writers (who we weren't a fan of) are really stepping up this season. Which is fantastic! I also love how Jeremy Carver is paying so much attention in the theme 'humanity'.

      I love seeing Dean getting angry. Although he wasn't himself, it was so f-king good!

      Can't wait for next week!!!


  2. Oh Tiny! your review was such a breath of fresh air! I loved your take on Garth. since I spent so much time on the brothers, I only had a paragraph on him. but so much love--he started hunting because it was the right thing to do--goes alone with the CHOICES Dean talked about in the episode. (he he! like I just saw Amy made uppercase too. seriously, didn't even notice or read comment until I wrote that) the idea that the penny for evil, destructive thoughts had no effect on Garth because even though he has been doing this for years he has no resentment, no inner vengeful thoughts...just beautiful. YAY Garth! no one will ever replace Bobby, but I think with all the darkness, we can use a fairly regular dose of Garth. Party on. Thanks Tiny! <3

    1. Man! I feel obligated to make editorial changes to the word CHOICES.

      I was just replying to Amy, although Dean was not himself but his words were honest. And I gotta give it to him! They were really Sam's CHOICES. And all Dean cares about was Sam! He really let him to die for a girl.

      Yay! I love Garth. I am really glad this character is developed and now an integral part to the hunting community of this fictional landscape that is Supernatural.

      Can't wait to read your review!


  3. Thanks honey:)Always fun and entertain other than very wise thought in your review! Love when Dean get angry LOL( don we all Dean girl) Garth also give a fun side of episode. He's also be the person to help Dean see things clearer in the end which I think it's clever for the writers for not wrote Garth to be a clown for the show. Hope to see him more. So fun!

    1. Thanks babe! You're right, Garth is now a developed character who plays an important role in Dean's and Sam's relationship. He is an ally and a friend. He is more than a clown character, I think he is earning respect, which is always great to see.

      I met him at ChiCon. DJ is so passionate about what he does as an actor and he loves the show and the fans. I want to see him more!!

      Thanks again


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