08 November 2012

ChiCon 2012 - The Completed Photo Sets

My ChiCon 2012 photo collection is now completed. I have uploaded photos of the remaining guests -- DJ Qualls, Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen, Kim Rhodes, James Patrick Stuart, Rachel Miner and Gabriel Tigerman as well as some photos from the Halloween themed karaoke, where Richard and Matt dressed as a pea pod and a carrot. 

Here is the link to the entire photo collection. 

If you click on the individual photo below, it will take you directly to their designated album.If you see anything particular photos that you like and would like a high res, I am happy to send, feel free to get in touch with me. 

Now that I've finished my photos collection, I will get on with the little post-con report. I will find time to write. Watch this space! 

Thanks again all! Enjoy! I hope you like them. 

Matt & Richard -- Panel
DJ -- Panel
Richard & Rob -- Panel
Rob & Emily -- Panel
Gab -- Panel
James -- Panel
Kim -- Panel
Rachel -- Panel

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