06 November 2012

ChiCon 2012 Photo Set - Misha and Jim

My photos of Misha and Jim from their ChiCon panel are live. On Day 2, Jim was on stage for 20 minutes, and then Misha joined him for another 20 minutes. Misha also had another 20 minutes solo after Jim left. Jim was also on stage on Day 3.

Enjoy! Here is the link to the Misha and Jim photo set.

As a reminder, this is the link to the entire ChiCon 2012 collection. I have already uploaded the photos of Jensen and Jared from their panel and breakfast. I will add the photos of Richard, Rob, Matt, Rachel, Kim, James and Emily a bit later on. I need a break from editing the photos! There are so many, my ass hurt! Hehe..

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