03 November 2012

Last Week On TV - Supernatural 'Bitten'; Arrow 'Lone Gunman'; NBC 'Today'; CNN's Anderson Cooper

I didn't miss Supernatural 8.04 Bitten and Arrow 1.3 Lone Gunman. In fact I got back to the hotel earlier than usual to catch Arrow and Supernatural. I had the BEST BURGER EVER IN MY LIFE! Thank you Shake Shack, your Shack Stack was amazing, I cannot get over how yummy it was! The 'shroom' is hands down the best thing a burger joint can cook. 

Supernatural's Bitten was pretty good. Jensen talked about this episode a bit during the Chicon Breakfast. There are a lot of criticism and also a lot of love from fans. The show has to take risks and think outside the square. I love that fact that Supernatural does and not afraid to go creative. As much I love to see more Dean and Sam, it wasn't all bad to see a group of teenagers doing their own investigation the Cloverfield way. And through that, we witnessed the transformation of werewolves. The story was revealed to us from a different perspective. The documentation of the process of werewolves transformation reminded me a little bit about The Fly, the movie. It is one of those most-debated episodes, I think mainly because Dean and Sam weren't in the episode much, but the story wasn't bad. But if I am turning into a werewolf or my friend is, I am not sure if I will document it. My first impression was that it was a weak episode -- forgetful yes, but not a bad episode at all. Good effort! Other than that, Bitten still holds a special in my heart because I don't often get to watch a live Supernatural episode on my TV with East Coast viewers. And it was great to watch Dean on my screen during this time.

What happened in Arrow that week? Lone Gunman was pretty cool! He revealed his secret to Diggle. I didn't see that coming at all, at least not this soon. Considering Chloe or Pete didn't know about Clark's secret until later in Smallville. But I like it! And I like the introduction of Felicity, who really reminds me of Lucius Fox in Batman and the Watch Tower Chloe. The only deadshot I know was from Smallville, but I like Arrow's take on it. Speaking of Arrow, there are loads of Arrow street ads in New York and Chicago. I've taken a few photos. Watch this space for more!!! Here is one on Michigan Ave. 

While I was in New York, I was hoping to get up early to go to the NBC Studios at Rockefeller to catch all the live action during The Today Show. I did go, but not until in the afternoon. LOL! But it's my holiday habit to turn on the TV and watch NBC as I woke up. It's always good to watch the local news and weather. 

When I was in Chicago, I turned to CNN. Timing could not work out better! I left New York a few before the Super Storm, and I got into Chicago without trouble. When I planned my trip, I thought about going to New York after the convention in Chicago. Lucky I didn't go with this plan!!! Very lucky!! And also very lucky that the weather was all good during my transit to Chicago for the convention. Should Sandy hit earlier, I might not be able to make it to Chicago.   

Not that I was in the hotel all the time, but whenever I turned on the TV, Anderson Cooper was always there!! Does he sleep at all? I mean, the coverage has been brilliantly and I do appropriate how hard journalists work during horrible events such as Sandy to bring us stories. I hope everyone can get some sleep. 

I also caught an episode of Chicago Fire and Park Avenue 666. Park Avenue 666 didn't grab me at all. Chicago Fire has potential, it looks like one of those shows that Australia will love. I hope it will air in Australia soon.

I also managed to finish the entire season of Smash during my flight to New York. Thank you Qantas!!! The last few episodes weren't too bad. I try not to be too negative about the story line, but it is not one of the best things ever on TV. In fact, the only reason I keep watching it is because I WANT this to pick itself up and show me something epic. And it should be epic. This show should have been great. But Smash fell short in many ways I cannot even bother to write about. When I compare Glee and Smash, I know why Glee was so much better. It connects with viewers, the characters are more interesting, the songs are great, the stories are better. There is always something I like about each episode. I hope season two of Smash will be better. PS -- I am finally convinced to download Let Me Be Your Star.

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