14 November 2012

Jim Beaver First Look On 'Dexter'

Oh hey! Jim Beaver is on an upcoming episode of Dexter. This is a show I rarely watch because I don't have FOX8 (Cable). In Australia, Free-to-air TV networks don't get the first rights to broadcast shows such as Revolution, Gossip Girl, 666 Park Avenue, The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Boardwalk Empire S3 and Dexter. Free-to-air TV networks may or may not broadcast these shows later. And shows such as A Game Of Thrones will never make it to free-to-air!! Anyway, I try to watch Dexter whenever it's on TV, I think Michael C Hall is as creepy and hot as Mark Pellegrino.  

One of my favourite actresses Yvonne Strahovsk is on Dexter this season. Jim Beaver, our Bobby, will also guest star in an up-coming episode. We assume he will play Yvonne's character's father. Source: TVOvermind

Six degrees of Heaven Bacon!! Check this out! 

-- Yvonne was on Chuck with Zach Levi, who is Jarpad's good buddy. 
-- Bother Jensen and Jarpad are/were on the same show as Jim Beaver, Supernatural.  
-- Julie Benz was on both Dexter and Supernatural.
-- Mark Pellegrino was on both Dexter and Supernatural.
-- Jim, Jensen and Jared also worked with Mark Pellegrino.
-- Jensen and Yvonne voiced the animation, The 3rd Birthday

Did I miss anyone? I am sure I have.

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