21 November 2012

ChiCon 2012: A Very Supernatural Convention Experience - Part Two - The Photo Ops and The Hugs

A Very Supernatural Convention Experience: Part Two -- The Photo Ops and The Hugs

Call me an enthusiast. Call me a Supernatural fanatic. This show is worth it! (Super)naturally, attending a convention organised by one of the best and more reliable organisations in the business is a must for a fan like me. Last week I wrote a little something about my Very Supernatural Convention Experience to help me to get over the frenzy. While I won't share my photo ops with you in public, I can share with you my photo ops experience, with the inclusion of a few after-thoughts on the panels. So, fangirls and boys, may I present A Very Supernatural Convention Experience: Part Two -- The Photo Ops and The Hugs.  

At LACon last year, I was very nervous but extremely excited about going to my first Supernatural Convention produced by Creation Entertainment. The only words I had the courage to say was, "Hi, how are you?" and "Thank you" when I met the stars. At least I managed to get these words out, right? I saw a girl attending LACon last year with her mother, she was so nervous her mother had to do all the talking. That was adorable! Last year at LACon, I saw many parents accompanying their kids and there was less than a handful of dudes at the Convention. But this year at ChiCon, there were more dudes. It's always good to see male audience! I mean, since when Supernatural targets to the teenage girls market, right? I am happy to see fans of all ages, ethnicity and genders (and a guard dog) at ChiCon. And we had a marriage proposal from a US marine during the Richard and Matt panel! I love it! You know who we are? We are Supernatural fans! We are part of one family!

I don't think there is one perfect word or phrase to sum up my photo op experience -- happy? over the moon? on cloud nine? I don't know! I am so happy I cannot process it! I think I am a bit stoned! How did you do it? Tell me! But I'll tell you this -- if I am a dead girl, with his touch and his hug, Jensen Ackles can bring me back to life! If Jesus was supposed to be the saviour of mankind, then Jensen Ackles is the saviour of 'fankind'. 


Due to budgetary reason, I only managed to get seven photo ops -- Jensen solo; J2 duo; Misha and Jim duo; Richard and Matt duo; Rob solo; DJ solo; and Misha solo. Each and everyone was worth it! Totally worth it! Please let me meet Mark Pellegrino next time! 

I have loved DJ since his appearance on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon's fake cousin, Toby Loobenfeld -- a research assistant in the Caltech particle physics lab with a double major in theatre and physics. YEAH! DJ was awesome during his panel and he always has a story or two to share! It was super cool also because he was on Southern Comfort the week after ChiCon. I was like, "OH HEY! We hugged and I've been Garth'd by that hug!!" I had no idea he was that funny and he was such a natural public speaker! Before the Convention, I tweeted him that I was attending the event from Australia! And he tweeted back with "Hugs will be awaiting you. We appreciate you coming all the way from Australia." Oh gosh!!

Anyway, I don't know what got to me but when I saw him at the photo op I just reached out my hand for a handshake and went "Hi DJ, I am from Australia." He went "Oh right!" And he shook my hand. We hugged. And as I walked away, he said "Appreciated you coming here!" *DIE* I may have just turned around and did a 'live long and prosper' or some sort of gang sign. I don't remember! At least I didn't trip over! DJ is one of the skinniest actors in Hollywood, he certainly looks very skinny on screen, but he actually didn't look too skinny on stage and in person. May be he was wearing a leather jacket. I was just so stoked to have hugged him and shook his hand. Happy dance!!!

My next photo op was with Rob. I have always wanted to meet Rob, Chuck Shirley is one of my favourite characters of all time. This is the first time I saw him on stage. He was such a kind man! You know when you see someone, your instinct tells you certain things about that person, whether it be the personality or whatever. Rob (specially when he was with Richard) was the funniest and nicest guy around! Rob was on a panel with Emily, who was very nervous! I would be too, siting in front of hundred of fans! But Rob kept her calm and I am glad they did a joint panel otherwise it would've been awkward. Despite the fact that Becky isn't a fan favourite, I think we accept her in a strange sort of way. I think her character was supposed to be funny, rather than a direct reflection of the female fans in the fandom. I was secretly praying to all fans during the panel "Please be nice to her!" 

Back to the Rob photo op. I found myself reaching out my hand once again to Rob at the photo op and we shook hands! I touched God! I went "Hi Rob, I came all the way from Australia to see you guys!" He said "Oh wow! Thanks." I didn't catch his reaction, but he gave me a good hug. It was joyous! It didn't seem much to you, but to me, it was a lot of awesomeness. But to be honest, I didn't really like me in the photos with Rob and DJ because my face was blown up like Aunt Marge in Prisoner of Azkaban! I was like SHIT! So during the break, I went back to my room and practiced my post and expression a few times because I wanted to look the best especially for Jensen's photo! I think that's what they do at actor studio? I need to go to a fan studio to learn how to behave in front of celebrities who are super hot.

Saturday (Day Two) is usually the busiest day of the Convention because of the amount of activities on the day. It was full on! My next photo op was the Richard and Matt duo. Rob's and Emily's panel was running a little bit over time on my watch. I actually had to duck out about five minutes earlier to line up for Richard and Matt. Seeing the hand-shake was like my thing by the time I met Richard and Matt, I did it again when I saw them. It worked, right?! And it's a natural human gesture to shake hands! No one would refuse it! Richard and Matt had such good hand shakes at an introduction! I told them I am from Australia, and Matt was like "Alright ROCK ON!" And it totally showed on the photo! He put his hand and arm up, like ROCK ON! Happiness! 

The Richard and Matt panel was joyous! I don't think I've stopped laughing! Richard is another natural public speaker and he was driving the panel pretty much. Matt was looking very pretty! People are right, Matt is so good looking he is the love child of Dean and Cas! He was moving a LOT like Misha, good for the crowd! And Matt stood very still a few times for us to take photos. Good boy!! I tried, I really tried to take photos of Richard, who was like DJ, they were a Energizer bunny! It was so hard to capture, but I managed to take a few good shots. I am glad they paired up Richard and Matt, and Richard and Rob. The duo panel was so much fun! I have no doubt Richard, Matt or Rob could do it on their own, but the chemistry they have is gold! And they are really good friends! It's good to see! That's kinda like me and Tinny.

As Day Two went by, I was getting more nervous because of Misha. I never know what he would do or say, and I wouldn't know what to do if he does something, anything, in front of me! I am more nervous to meet Misha than Jensen, because Misha is just so unpredictable and random, whereas Jensen is always very polite and nice. You can't go wrong with Jensen! But with Misha, you can! You know what I mean? 

So anyway, I shook Misha's hand which was as soft as a baby's bottom! OMG! And he had such a firm hand shake, I feel like I was shaking hand with Obama. Misha is always cheerful and very accommodating. My plan was to grab his arm like he was walking me down the aisle. Instead of asking him to do exactly that, I just asked "Can I do this?" [Grab his arm] He said "Of course you can." I grabbed his arm alright, but before I knew it he put his arm around my back already and the photo was taken. Misha looked super cheerful. Ah! I didn't speak what was on my mind. I know it's just a simple request, but I was seriously starstruck. 

My Jim and Misha duo was good. The best thing is that I wore my new A&F scarf, which is a blue and red winter scarf. I thought it was like a Election thing or something. But it was the warmest scarf I could find in A&F, and I needed it for the Windy City. Anyway, I thought I went in with my hair tied up and wore my scarf. Misha went "I like your scarf!" I was channeling my inner Mark Pellegrino, "He said "I like your scarf!"" I was going to say something clever, but I couldn't! But hey, I thought that was pretty cool!

Tinny warned me about Misha and Richard and how hard it was for her to capture them with her camera at LAcon last year. I was fully prepared and I had the 'pet mode' on my camera for them! I for one was glad that Misha sat relatively still this time! I didn't want the Misha panel to end. He was just so entertaining to watch on stage! And he was pretty!

Speaking of cameras, I love my baby so much. It's the most reliable camera for me to use at an event like ChiCon. I actually went to a Good Food and Wine Show where George Calombaris was doing a demo on stage. And you know how he moves, he cannot stand still! I practiced with the auto mode, pet mode, sport mode and others, to see what worked best. I tell you, the auto mode worked the best! The super zoom capability on the Nikon P501 works brilliantly, even in a low light situation like the J2 Breakfast Panel. It's true that if the stage is well lit, you have nothing to worry about. But even at the J2 Breakfast Panel where there was nothing except the ballroom's house light, this camera is good enough. I am glad I had an hour to test my camera before the boys entered stage. But of course, if you can afford a professional XLR, go for it. But I strongly recommend the Nikon P510 if you have a limited budget for a digital camera.

After a full on Saturday with panels, photos, autos and cocktail party, I slept surprisingly well that night. I had to because I have Jensen and Jared to meet the next day! Oh gosh, this is the moment I've been waiting for. It feels like I've been waiting for like 20 months! That's like having two babies, right?! I would be such a bad mother, because I would leave my kids and husband to go hugging Jensen and Jared. The J2 Breakfast Panel was the start of everything! I couldn't really eat well during the buffet, because I was so nervous! The moment the MC introduced the boys to stage, I gasped and my heart stopped! I was super nervous especially when I kept telling myself "Soon, I will be hugging these glorious men of the century."

Last year in LA, I had to squeeze the day light out of Tinny and AmyinSydney! This year, I was flying solo because my sister didn't want any photos. Why? You ask? I know right?! Why wouldn't you want to be touched by Jensen and Jared? They glow, and so you glow! Anyhoo! Despite flying solo, I met some of the nicest fans -- random strangers who were happy to give me a hug and let me squeeze them! I even squeezed the volunteer lady who kept asking me when she collected my tickets, "Are you ok? Are you ready?" I love you all! 

The Jensen solo op was first for Sunday. My heart was pounding so fast I could hear it! Now I know how Rose felt when Jack was drawing her in Titanic! The wait was super long, but it was worth it. I walked up to the glorious DAVID, I mean JENSEN. I picked up the courage, reached out my hand and said "Hi Jensen, I am from Sydney." He shook my hand!! Jensen let me touch him!! He replied, "NICE!" HAPPINESS! Jensen's palm is surprisingly rough, like handyman rough. I think because he does a lot of action on the set, he is hurt a lot and perhaps he does a lot of stuff at home? I will never forget how rough but sexy his hand is. Jensen has a very firm handshake like Misha.. probably firmer than Misha! I love you Jensen Ackles. 

One word "Nice" from Jensen and I was over the moon. Why? WHY? Jensen Ackles! WHY!? You drive me crazy!!!! Can you imagine if he said another word to me? I will loose my pants! I asked for a hug, and it was HEAVEN! Last year, I managed to hug him and he had one hand around my back and one hand on my arm. But this year, he embraced in a hug!!!!!! I had one hand around his back and my hand on his bicep. PERFECT! You know how much I love his arms! I worship them! I should have squeezed it harder! Before I walked away, I patted the side of his torso. I could feel his muscle even his jumper was in the way. Oh and I love that gray jumper of his! I was hoping for a single layer, but I could live with his gray jumper. He makes things look good when he put them on! I said "Thank you." He said "Thank you." Oh gosh!I was shaking as I walked out of the room. I wanted to walk back into the room and give him another hug. I was so overwhelmed, I was so happy I was flying! I needed to close my eyes for a few minutes to tattoo the two seconds of heaven on my brain. Not to mention I didn't wash my hand for almost a day, because Jensen touched it! He touched my hand!!! OMG. Excuse me while I pass out…… 

OK I am back!

Oh, by the way -- To whoever told me to take off my A&F scarf and show Jensen my boobs, thank you! I owe you one. I LOVE this photo with Jensen so much more than the LACon one. That one was awesome, but I love the Jensen hug this year a lot more. Both photos are framed and positioned side by side on my bookshelf.

My last photo op was with Jensen and Jared. Last year I briefed Tinny like a hundred times what to do and where to stand! Tinny was such a great sport!! I also have AmyinSydney to thank for. Anyway, this year I was flying solo and I didn't know what to do. Seems like other people have exactly what they want in mind. My plan was to stand in the middle, front on, with Jensen and Jared on each side, hugging me while put my hands on their biceps. But again, I could not speak what was on my mind! I was like "Hi guys..can we have a group hug? But I don't know how!" 

Good one Tiny!! The "…but I don't know how.." line made the photo a funny one rather than a sexy one. Jared was like "Oh! I know how!!" And then he crushed me into his chest and then Jensen wrapped his arms around us. Becky was right, Jared's chest was so firm. Sorry! There is no better word to describe it! And I could feel Jensen's body, crushing me from behind. It was the best threesome ever! Oh wait.. what?

I showed Tinny the photo, her immediately reaction was "YOU HUGGED THE WRONG GUY!!!!!" And I was like "I KNOW RIGHT!?" My face was squashed! It was bad, but it was too funny!!! I cracked up laughing when I saw the photo when I picked it up! I hate you Jared! But I love you!!! Jared was a gigantor!!! But honestly, I wish it was Jensen that crushed me into his chest! I have to do it again in Vegas, not next year, but hopefully in 2014!!!

I cannot stop tell you how glorious Jensen and Jared were! This panel is the BEST one to date. Jared was here by himself for Supanova. Jensen and Jared were here with Misha for the All Hell Breaks Loose Convention, in which Jensen was super shy, or may be he was tired, but the moment Jared joined him on the panel, he was alive! And then I saw them in LA. They are just getting so used to being on stage now, this is really the best J2 panel I have seen (and the breakfast too!). Jensen was funny! He was so energetic, well spoken and answered all questions very well. I could listen to his voice ALL MY LIFE! Jared was funny as usual, he has Thomas and Gen with him. It was so adorable when Thomas made some noise at the back of the stage and when Uncle Jensen talked to him. That takes 'adorable' on to a whole new level! Seriously! I have been watching the panel video every night since I returned from Chicago. I cannot NOT watch it. It defines what happiness means in my book!! 

I think this will do for today! Next up, my Very Supernatural Convention Experience Part Three. I will talk about my autograph experience and my LEGO project. You do not want to miss! Well… I know I am so excited about it! This is my best and proudest project to date!!! Watch this space! It will be live sooner than you think!

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  3. SO great to meet you Tiny! And you're welcome for telling you to take off the scarf and show off your assets! ;)


    1. Thank you Laura! Thanks for your advice! It paid off.. LOL



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