05 November 2012

ChiCon 2012 Photo Sets - Jensen Ackles; Jared Padalecki

The main panel
I have taken more photos than I originally expected. But it's good, right? As a priority, I have edited and uploaded the photos of Jensen and Jared during their panel. I hope you will like them. I still have others to edit and upload, including photos from the Breakfast and other guest panels. Once they are done, you can find them all in my photo collection on Flickr.

The main panel
Without further adieu, here are the ChiCon 2012 photo set. There are currently 200 photos on this photo set. You're welcome to post them on your blog or social networks, but please give the credit by mentioning my Twitter @tinybeanie or link to Flickr or the Impala's Trunk.

The main panel
The J2 Breakfast
I will also be working on my post convention report. So please checking in and watch this space. I'll make announcement on Twitter. 

Go nuts!

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