14 November 2012

Kripke's 'Revolution' To Feature Led Zeppelin Tracks

We know Master Kripke is obsessed with Led Zeppelin. Supernatural references a lot of Zeppelin, the titles of their tracks and lyrics in the script, but their songs were never played. One of the most memorable references is when Dean channeled Kripke's obsession in episode 4.18 The Monster At The End Of This Book. Dean was asked about his favourite songs, and his answer was "a tie between Zeppelin's Ramble On and Traveling Riverside Blues." 

And now with Revolution, Master Kripke can finally get the opportunity to use not one but two Zeppelin's tracks -- Kashmir and Since I’ve Been Loving You -- in an upcoming episode which airs next week, November 19th. Apparently, an email was sent from Warner-Chappell Music to studio producers and see if anyone wanted to use Zeppelin's music on their shows. I can imagine Kripke's reaction at the time of receiving and reading this email. If anyone is writing a scene depicting this moment, please send link! 

This is part of the Led Zeppelin’s Celebration Day album initiative, a companion documentary on DVD will also be released next week. That's right, same week as the Revolution episode.

For more information, check out KSiteTV and Washington Post   

As a silly side note, I think Master Kripke can so do a Zeppelin themed karaoke night at any Supernatural conventions. Just saying....

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