22 December 2009

A Very Supernatural 2009 - Lessons from The Winchester Gospel

What a year it has been! What are some of the key lessons from the Winchester Gospel?

Lesson 1: You shall love other idjits
Supernatural fans took over Twitter back in September with trending topics Supernatural and Lucifer is Coming. Some idjits thought we were devil worshippers. Clearly you need help with your upstairs brain. We shall love them no matter what, Puff Diddy is just scared of his TV.

Lesson 2: You shall attend annual gathering to hug the masters and other minions

Complete your life by attending a Supernatural Convention this year and give each other a Winchester hug. Don't forget to hug the Masters: Jensen, Jared, Misha, Jim.. THE LOT.

Lesson 3: You shall tweet

With all your faults, I love you still. Baby, it had to be you, wonderful you, it had to be Twitter.

You shall tweet anything and everything Supernatural with other minions. Tweeting is the only way to spread the love, stop the apocalypse and understand the teaching from Master Kripke. Join a live TwitCom and be sure to interact with other minions.

Lesson 4: You shall learn to speak a second language (preferably Japanese)

Learn to speak a second language is useful, you never know when you'll run into Mr Trickster. If you're naughty, he will put you in TV land and worst... he'll put you on a Japanese game show.

Lesson 5: You shall hoard toilet paper like it is made of gold

Try not to eat and drink bad stuff.. because you will use more toiler paper. It's gold, you don't want to waste it.

Lesson 6: God cannot be found on any flatbread

Where is God? You ask. Do I look like I know? May be Dean and Sam will die and go to heaven to find out. It's not like they haven't died before.

Lesson 7: You shall always make sure you have enough minutes on your cell phone before calling anyone

Yes, this is a very important communication tip. You don't want to hear the voice to tell you you're almost out of minutes in the middle of nowhere.

Lesson 8: You shall stop worrying about everything

Eric Kripke is one of the best showrunners in the business. So stop worrying about everything and just enjoy the ride while you can.

Guess it's time to eat, drink and make merry.
Have a Very Supernatural Xmas and a Wonderful 2010.

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