12 December 2009

Supernatural Spoiler: Latest Casting Call (Could this be who I think is it?)

Thanks for SpoilerTV and Hunters' Addicts, here is the latest casting call for episode 5.16 Dark Side of the Moon.

5.16 Dark Side of the Moon
Producers: Jim Michaels, Todd Aronauer
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Shoot Dates: 11th Jan 2010 - 20th Jan 2010

[JOSHUA] This benevolent -- dignified, very Zen man in his 50’s-70’s is inflappable, simple, but not insincere. A Morgan Freemen type vibe. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. GUEST STAR

Tiny's comment: I am feeling God! When I first read this, I am thinking this is either Michael or God.. But the more I think about it, the more I'm thinking about God. Your thoughts?

Source: SpoilerTV and Hunters' Addicts

And here is the new TV promo of Sam, Interrupted.

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