29 November 2009

Summer TV schedule for Channel Ten (Australia)

Australia. The apocalypse is here. Finally.

Australian fans, you can watch season five of Supernatural on Channel Ten from Monday 30th November at 8:30pm with double episodes - the season premier Sympathy for the Devil and Good God Y'all.

I don't care if you've seen them already, JUST WATCH THEM AGAIN! We need the ratings in order to keep the show going in Australia.

Channel Ten also picked up Stargate Universe, I think the air date is Monday 14 December at 9:30pm. i.e after Supernatural. Yay, coz I have nothing better to do on a Monday than staying home and watch Supernatural and SGU.

My only hope is that Ten won't move SGU to a later time slot IF the rating is low. Fingers crossed. However, Supernatural should remain in the 8:30/ 9:30/ 10:30pm time slot.

Anyway Channel Ten... thank you!

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