15 December 2009

A Very Supernatural Christmas - A Twitter Commentary

Xmas is just around the corner. Whether you are going to spend some lovely quality time with family and friends willingly or unwillingly, it's a special time for sharing.

If you are on Twitter, it's certainly a special time for spamming. KaraLambo and I did a Twitter Commentary on A Very Supernatural Xmas a few hours ago. If you missed it or if you want to read the tweets again because they are award winning tweets, here is the recap from my end. You can visit Kara's blog here.

So here we go:

http://twitpic.com/tljei A Very Supernatural Christmas - Twitter Commentary starts soon with KaraLambo 8pm AEST

Pre-show commercial: A Very Supernatural Xmas Twitter Commentary with KaraLambo http://tinyurl.com/y973gom

Zombies, Mrs Bobby... AWESOME!

Twitter ate my tweets like zombies eat brains..

A special presentation

Hello Dean, Hello Sam

Tooth fairy

Wait! There is no Santa???????

This reminds me of the Santa I saw in the shopping centre the other day.. Nobody lined up..

Team Winchester.. charming even when they were little.

Colin Ford looks more like Jared..

You just helped me to attract more stalkers!

Yeah.. and Dean doesn't know the lyrics to Silent Night.

Santa is a zombie..

I like how this scene has Silent Night playing in the background and the kid jumped when his mom screamed.

How do you know I change without shutting the blinds?

Sam's hair is shorter..

I love the sound of the Impala...

If Cas was in season 3 of Supernatural and appeared in the Xmas episode... I wonder how the episode will be like..

Bing Cosby... Ally McBeal.. Love Actually.... The lot! Dean loves it..

I love love LOVE the young Sam and Dean...

Monsters are real.. John is a superhero..

HAHAHA... Yeah, I have an angel on my Xmas Tree

Yeah... and she's gonna eat you Dean


What's the point of having a bin there when sharping the wooden thing and the stuff fly off bin

Why is the sofa wrapped in plastic? Meaning they move around or it's easier to wipe blood?

Oh fudge... Evil Mr and Mrs Santa are blackbelt champion

Dean: If you fudging touch me, I'll fudging kill ya!

The boys are saved by the belt

I watched this episode with Eric Kripke's commentary.. I love Kripke's commentary

And that Gingerbread house was still there after all that..

Who would've thought the amulet is the God EMF

Have yourself a merry little xmas.. I'm gonna cry

Dean: Merry Xmas Sam..

Dean: Fuel for me, fuel for my baby

I didn't realise Dean said: "Merry Xmas Bro'

Sam looked at Dean a few times, but he didn't say anything... It was heart warming.

I remember Kripke said in the commentary that his family called him and said "what's wrong with you?" after they watched this episode

A Very Supernatural Xmas was done in the Supernatural fashion.. which is unique. Nice work!!!

I love the Winchester Family episode..!!

I am actually watching the 'Scene Specific' of A Very Supernatural Xmas now

Eric Kripke: "I want the boys to kill someone with the Xmas tree."

That's all tweeps. I am working on a few things atm, there will be a 2009 review, a blog post on my all time favorite Supernatural episodes and episode review of The Curious Case of Dean Winchester and The Real Ghostbusters.

Some holiday viewing: Lost season 4 & 5. Can anyone just tell me who the bloody hell Jacob is?

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