01 December 2009

Lunch time reading - Interview with Sera Gamble (Spoilery)

Alice Jester is awesome for posting this interview on The Winchester Family Business. You can read the full article/ Q&A here. But I've picked a few interesting points below purely based on my very own fangirl nerdy view.

Beware of spoilers:

Question (Alice): I'm still trying to wrap my head around how these angels keep bringing up the parallels between Michael and Lucifer and Dean and Sam. Are they doing it to justify their concept of pre-destiny? Don't they see Sam and Dean have reconciled from their betrayal of each other and are determined to fight together? Or does none of that matter to them once the betrayal is done?

(Answer) Sera: Sam and Dean may have reconciled, but that doesn’t negate the parallels between their history and Lucifer and Michael’s. Their family stories are still eerily similar. And yeah, from the angels’ perspective, it’s all well and good that Sam and Dean think they’re gonna fight together—but they’re the predestined vessels, so ultimately they’re gonna give in.

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: Ultimately they're gonna give in??? Holy crap.. does it mean they will both say YES eventually?

(Question) Elle: Lucifer was able to take hold of his back-up vessel in lieu of Sam. Any chance that Michael has a back-up and we’ll be able to meet this character without Dean’s consent to being “an angel condom”?

(Answer) Sera: You will meet Michael soon. I can’t say more about the form he will take.

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: OK, here are my speculations on the 'form' which Michael could take.. He is either Jeffrey Dean Morgan or the plan B vessel will be a female.

Talking about JDM, many of us are dying to see JDM to return to the show, but we don't want to see him to come back as a vessel. But I think if JDM is returning to the show, I don't want to see him just to appear as a ghost or in the boys' dream. I will be very happy to see JDM as John Winchester in a flashback episode, but that's not gonna happen. So in reality, IF he is coming back to the show, he has to return as a vessel of an archangel or God.

(Question) Elle2: Any hints on when Dean is going to get his amulet back – or isn’t he?

(Answer) Sera: The amulet figures into an upcoming episode. If I directly answer your question, I’ll give too much away about both Dean and Cas. Not to mention God.

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: God is found and he is not on any flat bread. Let the amulet burn! Burn baby burn!

(Question) Elle2: Any insight into Bobby’s continued development in the second half of Season 5?

(Answer) Sera: A case will bring Sam and Dean to Bobby’s town. That episode brings new insight into Bobby’s current state of mind and also expands his backstory.

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: Finally!! More Bobby backstory! And whoever wants Bobby to die.. screw you! Clearly you're possessed by stunt demon #5.

(Question) Alice: Wow, the 100th episode is coming up! Who'd have thunk? Any big plans for that one in particular?

(Answer) Sera: Party, of course. My only firm plan is to have a couple of drinks with the crew. Bob Singer promised he’d play guitar. You didn’t mean the actual content of the episode, did you?

(Blogger Comment) Tiny: I am going to bake a birthday cake and I don't bake cakes! EVER!

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