18 April 2010

A Very Badass Chadathon: Thank you

TeamPanicRoom Presents
A Very Badass Chadathon

Thank you

The Twitter Party: A Very Badass Chadathon was a great success.
It was all business up front, party in the back! It was held today, 18 April 3pm AEST. We have a record crowd of participants for this Supernatural Marathon. We watched Everybody Loves a Clown, Simon Said and Hunted, in which Chad Lindberg played Ash aka Dr Badass.

While I cannot tell exact how many tweeps joined us, I can tell you that TweetChat was packed with tweets about the episodes. We all used the hashtag #Chadathon! We made some new friends too.
Amy and I were in 'twouble' at one stage.. it was funny! It was hard not to reach the 100 call limit to Twitter when we were tweeting about the awesome Dr Badass!!

Some of us even changed our Twitter icons to Dr Badass during the Marathon. I got a bit confused at the beginning, it was like talking to yourself! We were all Dr Badass!!

At one stage, the mighty Chad Lindberg made a guest appearance. Chad was 100 kinds of awesome!!! ^_^

I am planning the next Supernatural Marathon. It is likely to be a John Winchester centric Marathon. I think both the JDM John and the Matt Cohen John deserve a separate Marathon. But I will have a think about it and gather some feedback from #TeamPanicRoom. If you have suggestions, let me or any of us know!

Thanks again all ^_*


  1. It's Sarah :) I see my Dr BadAss is in icon is in the srceen shot! Our Chadathon was so awesome! And Chad was so awesome! Can't wait for a John Winchester centric athon :) I agree JDM & Matt Cohen deserve their own tweetathon. Can't wait!

  2. It was awsome! Even if I did get into twiitter twouble! These are so much fun. Watching episodes with other fans. Most of us don't usually get that opportunity. And to have Chad pop in to say "Hi". Well, I'm not sure how we're going to top that! I can't wait for the next one. I think a JDMathon will be great, though some of my comments may be controversial.... Here's to an even bigger crowd next time!!
    Go #TeamPanicRoom!

  3. Cheers cheers!!! (Where is my beer!!?)


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