22 April 2010

Promo pics - 5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight; 5.21 & 5.22 lock down reminder

Before the full lockdown for episodes 5.21 & 5.22, here are the promo pics for episode 5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight. Not too spoilery, are they? At least you can't tell what's going on, except hotness. Source: SpoilerTV.

After episode 5.20 The Devil You Know, I will be going into the Panic Room for the full lock down! Meaning, I won't read anything about 5.21 & 5.22 or watch any clips on the episodes. So, please do not post any spoilers in the comment box. Hold your thoughts! ^_*


  1. How can you not say these photos are spoilery?
    Dean has a soulful look.
    Sam is trying to justify something and the Impala's trunk is up.
    Great So now I know in Two minuets to midnight, Sam will be all bitchy Dean will have some angst and the Impala will have an open boot.
    You are kicked out of the panic room.
    Cant wait for this episode

  2. Dean's soulful is for me.. Dean: "Tiny.. oh Tiny.. your pan fried quail looks crap. But I still love you."Hahaha


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