19 April 2010

Supernatural 100th episode - The Power of Love Review

Once upon a time, die hard Supernatural fans made a deal with the evil genius called Eric Kripke. He threw us down to the pit, tortured us with great characters and plot lines that are full of scary but sexy factors, humor, action, bromance, occasionally a suicidal teddy bear. Then he raised us from perdition and gave us a group hug.

"I'm just screwing with the fans!" He said.

Cut the birthday cake!! Supernatural 100th episode was awesome! After watching the episode, I get the feeling that we are getting back to the season one vibe. Saving people, hunting things the Winchester way, the way John taught them. Screw destiny!!!

I baked a cake. Congratulations to the Supernatural crew and cast ^_*

I should know by now that Supernatural is best known for changing the direction of a curveball in the middle of throwing a curveball, like the writers have a remote control to control the direction of the ball. You don't know how it will land. After it lands, it might still be rolling to another direction. You just don't know what's gonna happen until the 59th minute of the 11th hour. Am I am making sense?

Bobby's bachelor pad

Point of No Return is the evidence of the show reaching its maturity. Fans can debate all they want when it comes to the plot, the mytho and the direction of the show. But Supernatural does not forget one thing. This is a show about the brothers and the family. It's a show about saving people hunting things, the family business. This has been the focus of the show since the Pilot.

You can deal with supernatural creatures that are larger than life and they are more powerful than you are, but at the end of the day, family and friends will keep you sane and human. Sometimes, I think viewers forget that, and I think sometimes because some people keep classifying the show as scifi and fantasy but it's not, it's a DRAMA about the relationship of two brothers. If I may say so, Supernatural is better than its predecessor in the same genre.

Let's get on with it!

The Scary Movie Guy

There is no 'previously on', but when Supernatural doesn't have a 'previously on', it usually has a very good intro before the title card. Just like Monster at the End of the Book or Hollywood Babylon, Point of No Return has a great intro involving Zachariah (who will be referred to as the Scary Movie guy for the rest of the blog). I love how Jeremy Carver wrote the scene, the Scary Movie guy is very much like a senior executive douchebag who works at
Goldman Sach. He will do anything to get the business deal and the big fat bonus. I love Kurt Fuller in this episode, he went out in style. His performance was awesome!

The hosts from the Crossroads podcast called it! The Scary Movie guy is dead! Ding dong.... I like him in It's a Terrible Life, the pep talk was cool, but I guess we all know that's his style. He will do the sweet talk, then BOOM the head shot!

Again, every guest star is very well cast on Supernatural and they can all act! With shows like Smallville for examples, sometimes it's WTF.. Like that ice dude in Absolute Justice, he wasn't well cast and it wasn't the first time. Sorry guys!

Hey, Plan B, We Don't Want You Anymore

Let's talk about Adam, the 3rd brother. I like him in this episode, he wasn't himself in Jump the Shark, but he was himself in this episode. Jake Abel stepped up in this episode. He has to! Because of the heavyweight acting showdown with the cast. Jake has a resemblance to Matt Cohen's John Winchester.

"Hey Adam, the 3rd brother who is not a ghoul this time, we have a lot in common!
Our sense of fashion, our voice, our taste in women.."

I knew Jake Abel was going to be in the episode way before the lock down, so it wasn't a complete surprise to me. I didn't think too much about it. But poor Adam, seriously! He is cursed because he is a Winchester. What happened to him at the end of the episode? Dead (again) or alive (in a Michael kinda way)? To be honest, I don't see him as Michael, I guess I will be fine with it if he is, but he has a massive shoe to fill, because Matt Cohen was really good as Michael. I don't think this is the last time we see Adam.

How many adults did it take to restore Dean's faith?

A back-door launch for Supernatural: Back to the Future III (written by Tiny)
Er.. huh? What?

Bobby is awesome and we all know that! Dean said some really mean things to Bobby in this episode. When Dean said "You're not my father" to Bobby, I almost cried. Dean was the one who told Bobby he shouldn't give up! So, enough of this crap DEAN! Man up and fight!

Don't piss off the pissed off angel.

Castiel is pissed off and we all know it! In Lucifer Rising, Cas rebelled against Heaven all because of Dean. As the series develops, Cas shows his loyalty, he's become a friend to the brothers. I think he looks up to Dean. You can tell how pissed off Cas was in this episode. In the beginning, he was really quiet but pissed. The silent treatment was deadly. When things got boiled over, Cas just had to beat the crap out of Dean! WAY TO GO! If Cas is allowed to swear on Supernatural, I can see him swearing his lungs out and say: "I rebel for you, you piece of shit!"

Cas really kicked asses in this episode! I have never seen Cas fought so good before. Three fights in one episode and he won them all! How much more can I love this angel? I LOVE CAS!!!!!

Cas totally went Smallville in the last fight scene! I could hear Save Me when I see this!

Whoops.. I mean this! You go head and rip that shirt!

The Incredible Hulk who is also known as Sam
. Sam needs a hair cut.
The side is just a bit too wavy. The sideburns are too Elvis. The front of his hair is just getting a bit too high. You can tell that he has time to blow dry his hair. But it doesn't make sense when you're on the road and on the go, since when Sam has the time to style his hair and trim the sideburns?? I am sure Dean doesn't style Sam and I am sure Bobby doesn't have a blow-dryer.

Campaigning Sam to have a hair cut

OK.. seriously. I like Sam in this episode. He really tried to stop Dean from saying YES to Michael and he really tried to watch over Adam. I guess he now knows what it is like to be in Dean's shoes. At the end of the day, those puppy eyes really saved the day. Those puppy eyes made Dean changed his mind! That is all! No secret there! It's not complicated!

The power of puppy eyes save the big brother.

It took three adults to restore Dean's faith. Here comes Dean... do you know who he is? OH DEAR GOD! LET US PRAY!

While I was on lockdown, I missed two of the most delicious photos of Dean.. I am so sorry baby.

OK.. DEAN! The first scene of Dean in this episode was goood. I would love to get hold of that piece of music! The scene was very well written and very well shot! The sound effect of sealing the box and the key was awesome! Do you think the letter was written for Bobby or Sam? Jensen has sexy writing. Seriously, it was like preparing himself to die. But lucky! Puppy eyes showed up with a pissed off angel. That's what friends are for!

According to my source on Twitter, you can read Dean's letter to Sam. Blow up the image and you can try to read what Dean wrote.

It has been a depressing journey for Dean. The angels (or the writers..!) ripped his heart into pieces. He seriously couldn't get any lower! He was giving up! He just wanted to get this over and done with! But team free will won't give up on him because Dean never gave up on them before.

I like the pace of this episode. First you have Bobby having a go at Dean. Sam tried to talk to Dean. Cas was quiet but seriously pissed, finally he beat the crap out of Dean! Then came the crucial moment....

(That would be my reaction exactly but 100 times louder!)

Dean: "I am Dean Winchester. Do you know who I am?"
Dude: "Dear God! ... Our Father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy Name.."

Cas: "You pray too loud."

The Mighty Wink is Mighty

You got the puppy eyes, but I got the wink that makes the fans go wild.

THE WINK was epic! That was so Dean! The was the wink that changed the game plan. The wink that screwed destiny! The wink that killed the Scary Movie guy. The wink has become an icon of hope. The wink has become an instant classic moment on television. The wink has become Amy's Twitter avatar. I kneel before the wink of Dean Winchester.

Go Dean! I love you!
I love the curveball from Jeremy Carver! Just when you thought this was it, Dean had said YES, get over it. But then things changed! Oh God! I LOVE SUPERNATURAL.

Dean - The Sweet Ass

So, what makes Dean so special in a Heavenly way? Let's look at a few facts.

Back in season one's Faith, Roy said to Dean he was a young man with an important purpose, a job to do and it isn’t finished. (Foreshadowing much?)

We saw Dean killed the Whore of Babylon in 99 Problems. According to Castiel, the Whore could only be killed by a true servant of Heaven.

In When the Levee Breaks, Dean swore obedience to Heaven and the angels. At that stage of the series, we all thought Dean was just the righteous man who broke the first seal, he was given a second chance to serve Heaven. But of course, more was revealed later, he was THE vessel of Michael.

Dean had killed some major badass demons including YED and Ruby.

Dean killed an angel - the Scary Movie guy. According to Uriel, only an angel can kill an angel. Either he was lying or he was referring to the fact that only the angel blade can kill an angel. It seems that an angel can only be killed when it is in a vessel.

Dean looked into the eyes of the Scary Movie guy, he looked at the bright light without a flinch. May be it's nothing, but what is the significance of the extreme close up of his eyes? He also didn't cover his ears when Michael was coming down from Heaven.

Dean has never been possessed by a demon.

According to Kara, Dean is actually God. He has been looking for himself the whole time! Quick! Someone find Dean a mirror!

Could all the above make Dean a true servant of Heaven? Perhaps God has his own plan and he needed to train up Dean to finish the plan?

Point of No Return
was simply awesome! It was a very important episode. Now that Dean has restored his faith thanks to Sam, Cas and Bobby stood by him, what will happen next? How will team free will fight the angels and demons and protect the planet at the same time? We will find out very soon.

Only four episodes left in season 5. Don't miss a second of it! Spread the love. Tell your friends. Let's work on the power of love!

PS* If Jensen Ackles doesn't get a nomination at the next Golden Globe or whatever, you now the angels are behind it. But then again, Jensen is too goooood for those clowns in award shows.

One more for the ladies before I sign off!

Hey, ladies!


  1. Haha I love how I am quoted!

    I agree! This episode was awwwesome! *Happy dance* Only four episodes left. This season has gone so quickly

  2. Love it Tiny! Great review for an awesome ep. And I got a shoutout! Hey are they Dean's undies poking out the top of his jeans in that gratuitous butt shot?? I do so hope the warm and fuzzies we are feeling stays with us, at least as far as the brothers are concerned. The rest is eeeeek!!

  3. Time flies when you are having fun.. :D


  4. Amy: >Hey are they Dean's undies poking out the top of his jeans in that gratuitous butt shot??

    YEAH!.. lower!!! Please!!

  5. Sarah here :) I so want it to be his undies but I think it's an under shirt lol. Loved it Tiny, just loved it. As I did the ep. One of the best eps ever! I pray the warm & fuzzy's stay with us too! Screw Destiny right in the face! That's always been my motto! Team Free Will baby!

    Oh & the wink I just have to metioned it again! Cos it was freaking awesome & so Dean Winchester!


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