06 March 2013

Weird Dreams Are Weird

I can't help but blog about the weird dreams I've been having lately. It's either the effect of watching too much TV or weird shit just happened in my dream. 

First Up -- The Walking Dead

Last week, I literally woke up from this dream sweating and scared. I dreamt of me being inside a house with other people. We locked all the windows, switched off the lights and drawn the curtains. We monitored the outside situation and looked out for zombies. We had machine guns too. I was thinking to myself, I can't use guns! I have never fired anything before! I was gonna die screaming! 

The next thing I remembered was seeing a few zombies out on the street. They didn't seem to know we were inside the house. But suddenly, someone knocked on the door, urging us to let them in. I had no idea who they were, but something told me I knew them. They were banging on the door so loud, the zombies were beginning to turn around and approach the house. I was scared. I didn't know if I should open the door and let them in. The zombies were closing in. 

And then I woke up, thinking thank god it was only a dream because I was really scared!

Next Up -- Bus Trip

I was on a bus, I think I was on my way to work because the whole time I was telling myself I was running late for work. I was getting frustrated. But the bus driver kept giving us a sightseeing tour of where he used to work and live. I really didn't give a shit! I was late for work. There was no urgency of any kind. I was getting angry. Suddenly a guy, sat next to me and started get really flirty with me -- he was talking to me and holding my hands like I was his girlfriend or something. He was like "It's ok, [insert real name]" I was like, "No it's not. I am late for work." He was kinda cute. I had no idea who he was in my dream or real life.

The next thing I remembered was looking for a hairdryer at my sister's house. She was watching TV and wouldn't give it to me for some reasons. So I left. But I ended up in what appeared to be a hotel foyer. Everyone was acting weird, as if they couldn't really talk or very upset about something. The bellboy told me, "He was nowhere to be found. He is missing." I assumed he was telling me about my 'boyfriend from the bus'. And I told him, "Here is my number, call me if you hear anything."

And then I woke up. 

Last one -- Job Interview

The other week, I had a dream about going for a job interview. I was on the bus, navigating my Google Map and asked the bus driver where the place was for my interview. He pointed me to the shopping centre nearby. I kinda questions his direction, because Google Map indicated something else. I got off the bus and ended up in a shopping centre. And then I realised I was lost. I checked my watch, SHIT, it was nearly 8:30am. I questioned myself, was my interview at 8:30am or 9:30am? I checked my phone but it wasn't working. It was frustrating!

I walked around the shopping centre and started to panic. I asked someone for direction, and that person took me outside. We were on a deck and the ocean was in front of us. But it was like a playground where kids screamed and played. There was this giant wave hitting the deck repeatedly. The person told me, to get to my interview I must walked through the wave and kept walking until I saw the place. I was like, no friggin way I would walk through through what appeared to be a tsunami!

And then I walked back inside the shopping centre and asked someone else. Clearly the person who told me to walk into the ocean was a nutjob! Two girls were very helpful, they pulled up a map and got on their smartphone for internet, they even got into a few arguments in the process of helping out to find this place. And suddenly their friend appeared, the girls told me I should follow their friend, she could take me there. I was like.. great! Awesome!

Their friend, a girl, never spoke a word to me. I wasn't sure if she couldn't talk or what. But I followed her. She and I walked through the deck and the wave was hitting the deck, but not me. I didn't remember getting wet. We arrived at the end of the walkway, and she pointed a spot on a floating deck and insisted I sat down. So I sat down. I had no idea what was going on. And then it moved, like a speech boat. I was on my way!

I started to see an island with buildings and lights. It seemed like an industrial place to me. The 'speed boat/ floating deck' thing docked. I got out with a few other people, I didn't even know they were with me the whole time. And I realised they were tourists because there was some sort of a tour guide person.

I saw what appeared to be an admin building, I walked inside and told the receptionist who I was and I was here for an interview. She seemed to be expecting me. She took me inside. We walked through what appeared to be a submarine. We arrived in a private room, because the sofas were nice. She asked me to wait.. so I waited.

And then, Peter Jackson appeared. That's right! PETER FRIGGIN LORD OF THE RINGS JACKSON! He was apologetic and said a bunch of things about not knowing how to use his phone and all that. And I was sat there, stoned! I was going for an job interview with Peter Jackson!

And then I woke up.

Three words: WHAT THE FUCK?

Any idea what my dreams meant? I'd be interested in your interpretation! 

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