23 March 2013

Arrow Coming to Australia's Channel Nine

Australia, Arrow is finally coming to free TV -- Channel Nine. I have been pretty excited for it since the end of last year when I saw Channel Nine playing the ad to promo Arrow. But they never announced the air date, they still haven't! But it's definitely happening AFTER EASTER! I hate this strategy with a passion.

Frigging hell! Just tell us already! I've watched enough TV on Aussie TV networks to know this -- it is known, if the rating sucks, they will chang date and time, or worst cancel it before you know it. I hope Channel Nine will stick with Arrow

The way Aussie TV networks schedule their programs with the 'hope for the best' and 'whatever' attitude astonish me! If you bought the show, stick with it! Glee is moved from Channel Ten (main network) to Channel Eleven (it's secondary/ HD network), and Channel Seven still hasn't announced the air date for Once Upon A Time.  

Supernatural is pretty well supported by Channel Eleven because fans fought for it. It has a fix time and Channel Eleven actually tells us when it's back and when it's back, they stick to the Monday 8:30pm time slot. Eleven is doing a great job in building Monday nights as the horror nights -- we got Supernatural, American Horror Story and I hope they will bring Begin Human back, which usually happens after a season run of Supernatural. When there is no Supernatural or AHS, Eleven will put on horror movies. 

Anyway, I hope Australia will like Arrow because I do. 

And I hate to see Stephen Amell to get famous in Australia for something else other than Arrow, because he is really good at Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow. He was born to play this role. And I hope he doesn't do the career-ruining 50 Shades movie.

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