13 March 2013

Too Scared to Watch Bad Things

I am a pop culture enthusiast. I love TV, movies and music. I love them. Sometimes when things come out, I'm like "this could be the best or worst thing ever." And I am too scared to watch it. 

You know how I feel about NBC's Smash. Season one was strange, it has more downs and ups. I do like the musical numbers occasionally, but the writing, the pace, the tone, as well as the acting were all over the place. I am too scared to watch season two. It's a matter of watching it in one go when the DVD is out, so I would only suffer 10+ hours (but do I really want to pay to watch it if it's crap?), or do I download it now and suffer for over ten weeks? 

I love Ewan McGregor, I'd watch anything he is in it. I watched The Island for him to show my support. Now, I know Jack and The Giant Slayer is due to come out and I am thinking I will watch it for Ewan and Stanley Tucci, no matter how bad this movie might be. This movie certainly took advantage of the genre trend -- we have Once Upon A Time and Oz The Great and The Powerful, and Snow White and the Huntsman etc. I consider myself as a semi-big fairy tale genre fan, but why am thinking twice about watching this film?

I love Wicked! This is the one thing I wish someone is making a movie based on my favourite musical of all time. I'll watch it ten times! But then Oz the Great and the Powerful came through. I mean, it won't be another few years until we are ready to watch another movie based on the Wizard of Oz. Damn you Oz the Great and the Powerful. The trailer looks great and I have heard some good comments about it. This week, I will watch it twice with different friends. If it's worth blogging about, I will write a review about it.

Recently, I was being a good friend and watch Anna Karenina with my friend. I have never been so bored in my life watching a movie, the last I was cursing the script and everything about a movie was Van Helsing. I appreciate the artistry of Anna Karenina, but the pace wasn't carried out in the entire film. The cast performance was good, but too good it was depressing (which was kinda the point) and I wasn't in the mood for depressing movie. And there was a rat in the cinema during the last 15 minutes of the movie. I was freaking out. I lost my concentration completely, but kinda hoped that the rat appeared earlier so I could go home early! And I had no idea how the movie ended except Anna Karenina killed herself. By then I was ready to walk out.

And then there is Hansel and Gretel, I don't care what anyone said, I'd watch it for Jeremy Renner, who I think it's hot! But I've been putting it off for weeks, now the movie is no longer playing in my local cinema! Crap!

But, good things do happen. And they will happen very soon!!! Iron Man III and Star Trek Into The Darkness!! Hello!!!!! I've been watching far too many Star Trek related interviews of Chris Pine, Zach Quinto, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on YouTube than I should!I don't know what happened there, but I fast tracked the end of my data usage the other night. I think I am a little obsessed with J.J Abrams than I care to admit. I think the rewatch of Star Trek is imminent.

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