01 March 2013

Supernatural Returns March 20 With 'Goodbye Stranger'

And so we are on hiatus. Supernatural will return on March 20 with Goodbye Stranger. I usually pace very well when it comes to Supernatural, I don't get too excited too early. 

Oh wait.... I lie. My attempt to act normal has failed. It's cool to be a crazy and passionate fan of a show that is clearly one of the best writing TV dramas this decade.

Goodbye Stranger has a great buzz about it already. I think the show has been remaining tight-lipped about this episode until now. In the midst of the recent development of the story, the imminent return of Castiel and the angel tablet acr are not forgotten. What I find most interesting is this -- Sam and Dean are still on assignment to complete God's tasks to close the gate of hell based on the demon tablet, and now the angel tablets are officially their assignment. There is a LOT going on! What's more? Meg and Crowley are back! I just love Meg's strange dynamic with Castiel and Crowley is just badass awesome!

While it comes as no surprise that Crowley will stop them from closing the gate of hell, but Crowley also has his own quest to may-be-do-the-same to Heaven. If so, Castiel and Naomi will do anything to stop him. We still know very little about Naomi and the angel tablets, since Alfie died, it kinda left it there untouched. Involving the Winchesters is a good move, because we have season nine and I want season ten! It's personal! I know! Not to mention, how my new obsession -- Men of Letters -- will come to integral with the story and how Dean and Sam will utilise the MoL resources to do their job.

I think everything will come full circle, and I have a feeling the closing the gate of hell arc will carry on to next season. I think the season eight's finale will present to fans as one of the best I-loose-sleep-over-it cliffhangers since season three and four.  

Supernatural is definitely building up to something epic! Who says they can't top the apocalypse? Jeremy Carver and his 'Writers of Letters' are totally doing it!

I love this episode based on the synopsis and the promo alone already!!! The Unholy Trinity!!! There is not better term to describe it for sure!!! What's best? Robbie Thompson wrote this! Like.. seriously! OMG!

8.17 Goodbye Stranger
SAM, DEAN, CASTIEL AND MEG TEAM UP AGAINST CROWLEY AND HIS DEMONS — Castiel (Misha Collins) reappears in Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) life and tells them Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) has unleashed several demons into a small town. The demons are looking for Lucifer’s Crypt, which holds a valuable asset, but Castiel lies to Sam and Dean about what it is. While interrogating a demon, the three discover Crowley has been torturing Meg (guest star Rachel Miner), who knows the exact location of the crypt. Sam and Meg fight to hold Crowley off while Dean and Castiel go in search of the crypt. Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson. Source: KSiteTV

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