13 March 2013

Glee: Reviewing Season Four

What is going on with Glee this season? This show never failed me before, there was always something I like about an episode of Glee -- a musical number or an idea. I defended Glee on more than one occasions. In fact, one of the most read articles on this blog was inspired by Glee and Mr Schu

The more I watch season four of Glee, the more I think the show's direction is lost, and it must be found again. I hardly read any reviews or go to fan forum for Glee, so I don't know what others think about this season of the show. I do dig the fact that this season goes to New York, but that's personal. I love the city and I think Rachel and Kurt are keeping that part of the show alive for me. I like their journey in the theater school and I kinda wish there is a spin-off. But I miss singing. They are not singing as much now, and I miss the Defying Gravity and For Good moment. I hate Brody. 

Back in Ohio, apart from Blaine, everything else was a giant snooze fest. Marley, Jake, the other guy who looks like Sam and Cheerio Kitty are as boring as anything! There is no depth, no character, no charisma, no chemistry, no acting... there is nothing I can like about them. I think as new characters, if they are in the background, I would have been ok with it. But they are written as the main characters, and it's not working for me. I'd rather see other existing characters to take charge, but they are still in the background in my opinion. 

In terms of the existing characters, they are doing ok with Blaine, but I think Darren Criss is too good for the show now. Then you got Arty, Sam, Brittany and Tina, who deserve more than they are being written now. I know it's hard when half the cast were graduated, but they have so many good materials to work on without introducing the boring Marley, Jake and the other guy who looks like Sam as main characters. All the signature bitchiness of Glee is singled-handedly carried on by Cheerio Kitty, who is nothing but an annoying copycat. Mr Schu was gone for awhile, leaving Finn to direct the Glee Club. While I like the idea of Finn directing the club (I think he is the right person for the job, considering he didn't get into colleague or the army), Mr Schu has been the kids' constant and he was taken out. Mr Schu is like the CTU, the Batcave and Watch Tower, the moment you take them out of the show, it's bad. I get it, but it never work! I think the Glee Club is without a powerful female vocal, and the show writers are not promoting Blaine in ways he should be promoted. Marley's singing is like Karen in Smash -- dull, dull and dull. And the writing of the show just isn't as good as what it used to be! I feel so sad about it! 

I still watch Glee for Kurt, Rachel and Blaine, they are the only good things worth watching. But are the best days of Glee behind us?

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