02 February 2012

Third Wave TV - Can We Have a Supernatural Channel?

So, I was doing research the other day and came across an article about YouTube's vision of the future of entertainment -- YouTube exec: We're heading for 'third wave' of TV. Salar Kamangar, Google's Video Head, talked about 'gamification' (which is a bit of a hot, hit & miss term) and YouTube's plan on becoming the platform of the next generation of channels.

The way I understand is that it will strive to become a 'fan-centric channel'. It's all about taking 'audience participation' to the next level! Like taking SimCity to a whole new level of crazy! So here it goes, the article says:
"The first wave refers to broadcast networks (few options, huge audiences), and the second to cable channels (hundreds of options, each with smaller audiences)."
Kamangar explained the third wave as "smaller groups of people gravitate toward thousands of niche channels".

So if we have a Supernatural Channel, is it like... having my avatar at the front seat of the Impala with other avatars and we watch Dean having sex in the back seat? And we get to kill Ruby? And hug Dean and Sam? And bring back Bobby and Cas? Time travel, Dr Sexy's Sing-Along-Blog.. the whole nine yards?

In other news......

I don't like it very much, but I can do the maths.. 2 more days to all new Supernatural. Slice Girls is getting fangirls and guys excited. That's right Dean's gonna get some and it will be nasty. But I say, if they are monsters, KILL THEM! But poor Deano!

Following from the previous post about Green Arrow, the actor who plays the title role has been named! Stephen Amell is his name, his acting credits include The Vampire Diaries and Hung, which I have not seen any of them. He looked the part! For those who have seen and loved Smallville and Justin Hartley as Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen, they will either love it or hate. Just like people always compare all the Bruce Waynes and Peter Parkers. But I'll keep an open mind and check out this bad boy! For more news on Green Arrow the TV series, check out KSite for details.

Let's be realistic, Supernatural won't run forever like Days of Our Lives, so the CW will need shows to replace it. These new shows have BIG SHOES to fill. So we will wait and see who will be the winners.. and losers.


  1. What do you mean Supernatural won't run forever???????!!!!

    I want a Supernatural TV channel too. But I don't know about YouTube's plans. 100 channels have already been allocated I believe with broadcasters doing content deals to produce exclusive short form web content. Nerdiest have one, I know that.

    And well, I would have preferred Justin Hartley but maybe they rejected his contract clause that stated he much be shown without his shirt on in every ep. :P

  2. I don't know Tiny, in my world Supernatural WILL run forever! but yes, you are right about needing new shows that will fill the space...I think it would have been hard keeping Justin because if he was green arrow, then it would appear like a spinoff of smallville...and after ten years I think those boys are done with that kind of thing...but what do I know? I don't want to think about spn being replaced. in all honesty, xfiles was done in what 2001, and it took me YEARS to actually be able to love a show again...I'm just not ready to even contemplate...


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