10 February 2012

Jon Favreau Joins Team Kripke/Abrams for NBC's Revolution

Sorry, I am a bit late for the party.. I brought the suit!
Jon Favreau has been tapped to direct the pilot of NBC's Revolution as reported by Deadline.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. I was on the bus this morning, minding my own business and checking tweets, and BAM there it was -- the headline! I thought I was dreaming...or something...(as I've been only having a few hours sleep at night...I think it's work related.) The director choice was totally unexpected! I mean...Jon 'Happy' Favreau!? I think he has just completed the perfect formula for TV for the next decade...

J.J Abrams + Eric Kripke + Happy = AWESOMESS!

What are they going to tell us next? That Tom Welling is gonna be in it? (No.. I just made that up...) but you know what I mean? Like...I don't think the cast will be disappointing. I know this is too early to tell and I am just being a crazy fangirl about it, but Revolution has EPICNESS written all over it. If there is one project that has the potential to be the next Lost, this is IT!

Favreau has a comedy pilot in the works called Tweaked. Of course, Kripke and Abrams have like eleven projects on their plates. What if they all get picked up? OMFG!

Can you imagine the three of them together on stage in Hall B at Comic Con?

Give me Revolution NOW!

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