07 February 2012

Kripke's Revolution - My Two Cents

You bet your size 6 ass he can deliver!

Already branded as the "highly anticipated" one, Revolution has attracted some really interesting initial analysis. I read this article which focuses on whether NBC is the right place for the show; what kind of rating it needs to stay alive, and what if another picks it up etc.. Like I said.. interesting!

It's a bit tense to start thinking about all that, but I guess when you create a TV show, these are the elements the executive team and the network have to consider. And these are the things critics start asking.. Pitching a great story for a TV show is one thing, building a business case is another.

Will Revolution deliver in terms of story and rating? J.J Abrams does not make crap. Eric Kripke does not make crap. If Abrams is going to do what he did on Lost, you bet Kripke and Bryan Burk will do a Damon Lindelof-Bryan Bur-Jack Bender. I think the series' fate lies in the hands of Kripke and Burk -- we are talking about their team dynamic, the story, the writers, the cast and of course rating. Revolution could potentially become the next Lost in terms of scale and epic-ness. I think this is the only way to stay alive on a network like NBC -- GO BIG.. LIKE LOST BIG!

I, for one, hope to see at least one full season and a Hall H appearance at Comic Con (yeah, I know Hall H is a bit ambitious). I would hate to see another The Cape or ... is there a shorter-lived show?

Good luck guys!

Check out the article on BuzzFocus.


  1. the cape...did that even get three eppies? yeah, it is always difficult with the big 3 to get a genre show to get any time in! Even Fox is tricky now that they've made it big. I think Fringe might be done for...I almost feel that they would be better off on CW or SyFy, but JJ doesn't really write shows for the cw demo...it's fun to think of what Kripke will do next, but I'm always a little wary of people having their hands in more than one cookie jar at a time...I always felt that Alias went to hell after JJ started to focus on Lost...it was one of the reasons that as fascinated as you were in Lost, it was "lost" to me...hee hee. yes, I know, puns--lowest form of humor. but hell, they were good enough for Shakespeare, they're good enough for me. anyway, that's just my little two cents worth...and I'm going ghost hunting again this weekend! :D

  2. JJ's 'Shelter' has already been picked up by the CW. I think he definitely wants to plant the seeds wherever he can. He doesn't put all his eggs in one basket, which is good I guess.

    I love Lost.. I think season 4 - 6 really tied things up. I think if people get lost in season 2-3, then it's a bit lost.. Haha.. but it's one of my fav shows. But I know what you mean :)

    I cannot wait to see more Kripke's work, I think he is such a creative person, and I need to see his work to be inspired :)

    Have fun at ghost hunting! Don't see anything you don't want to see.



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