24 February 2012

Review: Supernatural 7.15 Repo Man

He said "shut up?"
Ben Edlund always delivers. His Repo Man did not disappoint. I for one, love Ben Edlund's scripts. His funny episodes are super funny and his dark episodes are really dark. Ben has been presenting some really challenging ideas to the fans ever since he joined the show -- reality TV show; UFO and fairies; alternate reality where Dean and Sam are Jensen and Jared; and a POV episode (not the usual Supernatural way of story telling and if there is a POV episode, you'd think it should be from Dean's or Sam's POV, right? But having a Cas POV episode was super awesome!!) Edlund's ideas are like...you've seen them somewhere before, but there is always something very Edlund and Supernatural about it. I think Ghost Facers is kinda iconic, don't you think? While Repo Man may not be one of the most iconic episodes Edlund has ever written for the show, but I think the story is very subtle.

One of the highlights of Repo Man is the return of Lucifer. I am certain that I am not the only one who love to see Pellegrino as Lucifer again. That guy can't do no wrong. I've always loved him but his performance in season seven is really growing on me and he has been amazing. We didn't really get to see a whole lot of Lucifer in season five, he only appeared in mytho heavy episodes. But season seven goes outside the square, beyond the wall (whatever) -- what if Lucifer is finally playing the role he should all along i.e. the devil on Sam's shoulder on a daily basis? With the way he's been toying with Sam, the way he's been acting, the way he's been talking to him…there is something very real about this Lucifer.

Sam's hallucination of Lucifer has been an occurring theme in season seven. Stuff like that don't just go aways and get write-off. Lucifer was bagging for attention, and that was funny to watch. Cruel but funny! Lucifer revealed that Sam "hasn't been talking to him" for awhile. So Sam was seeing Lucifer all this time? Sam has been acting pretty ok in the last few episodes, he pulled a couple of good rescues, saved his big brother. Sam's injured hand has almost healed, unless he rips his hand open to the bone, there won't be any pain he could borrow to make Lucifer go away. It's an internal struggle Sam will live with and deal with for the rest of his life. Emotional torture is not fun! Sorry Sam! And Dean is not going to like when he finds out Sam's been talking to his imaginary friend from hell and getting advice from him. What will happen next?

I love how Edlund used the Jeffrey story to underpin Sam's situation. Before you say anything, I am not comparing Sam and Jeffrey, they are NOT the same, Jeffrey is SICK, Sam is a hero. But they both let the devil in. Jeffrey is one sick guy. Like Dean said, "Demons, I get, people are just crazy". Jeffrey likes being possessed because the demon actually gives him strength. WTF?! For Sam, I think he knows that Lucifer is just a hallucination, he will continue to ignore him, occasionally may he tell Lucifer to shut up, and Lucifer will continue to make him see things, but by interacting with the devil in any ways, Sam is letting him in. But this is like Harry and Voldermont -- they had similarities, but Harry was different because of the choices he made. So it's up to Sam. It's always up to Sam.

We have a bit of a debate on Twitter after watching Repo Man. I am a sucker for the details. Let me be! My question was -- did the flashback take us back to season three or four? I think it was season four.

According to the synopsis and on a various review, Repo Man took us back to four years ago when Dean and Sam exorcised a demon from Jeffrey. Don't forget Dean's gap year took place between season five and six. In terms of the maths, Repo Man flashed the story back to season four.


The brothers didn't know too much about Lilith back in season three, they didn't even know Lilith held Dean's contract until Bela revealed that in Time Is On My Side. They weren't actively looking for Lilith but they were desperately looking for a way for get Dean out of the demon deal. So it doesn't make sense if the torture happened in season three.

During the interrogation in Repo Man, Dean and Sam wanted to locate Lilith's lieutenant because they wanted to know where Lilith was. Dean and Sam started looking for Lilith in season four because Castiel told them she was breaking seals to get Lucifer out. The brother picked up their pace towards the end of season four because Lilith was breaking seals fast. They were tricked into believing Lilith was the only one who could break the final seal, she must be killed. The boys were desperate, they were running out of time, they needed information on the location of Lilith. It just makes sense to me that the torture of Jeffrey as seen in Repo Man fitted into the season four arc more.

Does it really matter? Probably not.. LOL. It's just me..

I think Repo Man is going to be one of those episodes that will grow on me over time. It is not as intense as I expected but that's ok, because my heart can't take intensity lately. I am stress enough as is!

Supernatural won't return until Friday March 16. SHIT! What's up with the multi-hiatus lately? I really can't wait for the next episode -- Out With the Old. Three words -- Misha Friggin Collins!

Synopsis: DOUBLE TROUBLE — After a ballerina is found dead from dancing herself to death, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) look into the case and discover the ballet slippers she wore were cursed.  When Dean accidentally touches the shoes the power of the curse starts to take hold of him. John Showalter directed the episode written by Robert Singer & Jenny Klein.


  1. that's why it took so long! it was longer than your usual! but then again, BEN FREAKIN' EDLUND! great review Tiny! I kinda felt it was the end of season three, because of how antsy Dean was about torture in season four, but there are arguments both ways...but that totally wasn't the important thing, and any show that lasts as long as ours has is going to have SOME inconsistencies so I try not to sweat the small stuff and love the story they are giving us. It was a great script, and now we have to wait. and wait. and wait. ack! thanks Tiny!

  2. I loved this episode Tiny. I can't see how Sam can go on with this fracture in his mind creating Lucifer. He won't be able to function like that. But then we all know where he's heading! I don't know how he'll be fixed. Maybe it's as we've all been surmising, that a certain returning someone will do a final act of redemption. Who knows. The only thing I know is that I've totally dug season 7. The personal arcs of the brothers have been, while hard to watch, a complete joy. I love nothing more than to see the Winchesters rising above adversity....except maybe Dean getting lucky ;) And I love Ben Edlund a lot. Like A LOT!!! Great write up Tiny! -Amy

  3. It amazes me that sam functions at all....I will avoid strss too...but I dont think #SPN will let us..
    Great review Tiny::DDDD

  4. Great review for a great episode... Loved Lucifer nggling Sam, hevwas delightfully wicked, & Sam did his best to handle him until said "shut up". Gonna be an agonizing wait for the next installment but worthy I'm sure!

  5. Totally agree with you Tiny!

    I love your review


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