05 February 2012

Review: Supernatural 7.13 The Slice Girls

Caption this!
Supernatural returned this week with a solid episode. The Spice Girls, featuring Monster Baby Spice, is essentially about the Amazon women's mating season, they hunt rich successful men (wow, at lease they have standards), they mate, they get pregnant, their daughters grow like weeds, and then they kill their birth fathers. War, what is good for?… The story evolves..

Wait.. hold on for a damn second…........

Aces, Dean. (or not)
DEAN HAD SEX! It's about time he gets laid, but poor Dean, it turned out to be a bit of a boo-boo, didn't? It was actually sad, like.. he was used. Damn you woman! But hey, gratuitous fanservice.. what can I say? We are very selfless fans. And yeah.. his tattoo is still there!

Now, where were we?

Sam enjoys poking fun at Dean's fatherhood more than he should. Did Dean made fun of Sam's marriage with Becky?
The Slice Girls was written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner. They also wrote for this season's Shut Up Dr Phil. I think The Slice Girls was a better script, Ross-Leming and Buckner were given the opportunity to inject the emotional aspects, which I like. This episode was also Jerry Wanek's directorial debut. I think Jerry did a great job with his shots, direction and for some weird reasons, I really like the pace of the story more than I should.

With Emma Winchester (HOLY SHIT I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST TYPED THIS… I SWEAR ANYONE MENTION THIS AGAIN I WILL START THROWING PUNCHES), The Slice Girls was technically a Winchester family episode. But really.. like 99% of it, wasn't. Thank God Sam was in the right state of mind, I love Sammy in this episode. He saved Dean's life. He didn't hesitate to take the shot and kill his niece (HOLY SHIT.. AGAIN..I CANNOT BELIEVE I JUST TYPED THIS… I SWEAR ANYONE MENTION THIS AGAIN I WILL START THROWING PUNCHES). But Sam had to and I am so glad he did. And what's more, I am glad Dean saw the whole thing, he was hoping Sam to show up, deep down he wanted Sam to do it.

Dean is a man of principle. He doesn't just go around killing monsters and people because he can. Dean didn't kill Amy Pond's son, because he was still a kid and he hadn't kill anyone yet, so Dean let him live. Dean made it clear that the moment he killed people, he'd find him! So, the same principle was applied here, Emma hadn't killed anyone, so Dean asked her to walk away. It wasn't like Dean and Emma really bonded and had a father-daughter moment or if Dean had a soft heart (ok may be a little), but he almost had no reason to waste her with her just standing there messing with his mind. If she made a move to attack Dean or killed someone already, Dean had a reason to kill her. Both Sam and Dean knew she'd kill eventually, and I am glad Sam made an executive decision to kill her. A reasonable ending.

Due to recent events of Bobby's death and Cas' assumed death, it really hit Dean hard and he has been demonstrating a lack of self-belief and confidence. I love what Sam said at the end of the episode, "Just don't get killed." Sam realises Dean wasn't in the right state of mind, and he had to keep remind his big brother -- no matter how down you are, just don't get killed!! Pull yourself together and let's put a plan together to get rid of the Leviathans!

It could be anyone.. Bobby, Cas, Ellen, Jo... Ruby.
I really like the mystery behind the magical appearance of the parchment. It makes sense if it was Bobby, his body was burnt but if he didn't go with the Reaper, so his spirit could still be around to help the boys. There is another theory, I was having a discussion with my friends on Twitter that, seeing Cas is returning soon, perhaps it was him who helped the boys? It's a possibility. But my money is on Bobby.. OK.. may be $7 on Bobby, and $3 on Cas.

Sam enjoys doing the catwalk more than he should.
I think the boys were really sharp in this episode, don't you think? It's like Dean really had a investment banker suit on. That actually looks like a new suit and tie.

I swear Sam is using a Mac. I am 99% sure!
Here is Zap2it's Interview with Jared and Jensen.. they talked about stuff.

Next week's episode looks so much fun!!! I am excited!


  1. I like this episode Tiny! It had lots of good brother stuff and you know me, I like the brother stuff. Plus Dean got his kit of and got laid, finally....but as you say, wasn't the best one-night-stand he's every had!
    Roll on next week....clowns.... NOOOOOOO!
    Nice review Tiny!

  2. Thanks Amy. Has Dean ever had a really good good one-night-stand? He got dumped by Cassie, Anna went Glen Close, Lisa's memory is gone.. Poor guy!


  3. Good review. Usually, my favorite would be talking in the baby, but this ep my favorite scene is Dean's face when Emma asked for his protection. Jensen did great. The car seemed too small, may be because Sam was driving all the time.

  4. Loved this... Glad you focused on why didn't shoot Emma first off. Your reasoning was what had crossed my mind. Dean doesn't kill unless there is reason to especially when it comes to kids. Sam killed her because he saw what a monster she was & knew the whole backstory about the child killing her father. Great episode on all sorts of levels!!

  5. I liked this ep a lot more than I thought I would. If this is the worse of the season then we have a really amazing season in front of us (unless they give us another Hammer of the Gods. Man that episode still gets me angry.)
    Anyway I found it a little odd/harsh that Sam called Dean out on not shooting his (shudder) daughter. Unlike Amy it wasnt as if she had killed yet and Dean did leave Amy's son be. Side note, Emma was the first 'kid' that Supernatural has really killed.
    Anyway I think Ghost Bobby is tied to the flask, and I kinda hope if they have GhostBobby they wont have to burn him again, I hope its a bit like with John where once he helps kill the big bad he will smile and vanish off in to a big ball of white.
    Awesome review like always :D

  6. nice Tiny! I liked your reasoning as to why Dean hesitated to kill Emma.But she was a much more imminent danger to Dean than Amy's rugrat... Although I get what you are saying about her only taunting...but don't forget, she is smart enough to know she brought a knife to a gun fight. the only way she would be able to beat him is if his guard was down and she could sneak in fast...she missed that opportunity...

    I understood why Sam was so upset he is worried that Dean second guessing what he is doing is going to get him killed. he, I think appropriately, saw Dean's hesitancy and possible thought of letting Emma get away as being like he did with Amy where he knew Amy could, but let her go because he couldn't kill her. I agree with you that Dean had reason for not killing Emma, but I also see how all episode Dean was NOT taking the lead. he didn't find the case. he didn't drive. he didn't dominate during sex. it was EVERYTHING. we are getting hit over the head with a frying pan that things aren't right with Dean right now. but I also pose something else we aren't really sure about that I didn't bring up in my review--there was no lore on how to kill Amazons. we are assuming that the amazon cop and emma are dead...but we don't REALLY know...

    but assuming she is dead, I'm glad Sam offed her. If dean had, I think what little humanity he feels he has left would be decimated. I just hope this doesn't throw a wedge between them...anyway, my two cents. thanks for your review!!!! :D

  7. Thank you ladies for leaving a comment :)

    Chocho: The talking scenes in the Impala are always good. And this was one of a few times Sam drove..

    Nicole: a VERY GOOD point about Dean not taking the lead in everything including driving..OMG that's a great point! That totally sums up Dean's lack of self-confidence..

    Kara: Good point! Seeing this is the first kid they killed on the show, they need to justify it from both Dean's and Sam's POV.

    Awesome stuff ladies! Thanks again :)

  8. Sorry for dropping in here, but the school used in this episode is really familiar to me. Does anyone know of other movies/shows it has been used in? I couldn't find it listed for this ep on IMDB.

  9. It's a Vancouver set, so probably have been used before on the show, or Smallville. It does look familiar.


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