16 February 2012

My Next Supernatural Convention - Chicago (October 26-28, 2012)

Supernatural Convention....the Chicago Way!
It's done and done and done! After a very disappointing foreplay with #Nashcon due to change of date (which I understand), I have finally confirmed my schedule for Creation Entertainment: Salute to Supernatural Convention (#ChiCon)in Chicago on October 26-28, 2012. I pray to Chuck, please don't change dates again, I can't take no more disappointment!

After LACon last year, I tried so hard to schedule my next trip. I thought it'd be nice to go to another location, I looked at major locations such as Vancouver and Dallas, but they just don't fit into my schedule. Chicago was shortlisted and I finally worked out my dates! I cannot wait to go to the Windy City. Chicago -- Death's favorite city! And he is going to be there! It's a little creepy, but I really want a photo op with Julian Richings. I won't miss this! And I will definitely give Rob Benedict a hug!

Here is the list of guests so far:

Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Misha Collins
Jim Beaver
Richard Speightt Jr
Matt Cohen
Kim Rhodes
Julian Richings
Rachel Miner
Rob Benedict

I wonder if they will announce more guest.. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hug Mark Pellegrino. I mean.. the guy is a legend! He has been on half the shows I love -- Lost, Chuck, Supernatural, Being Human, Dexter (yes, I do watch Dexter, but I don't talk about it.) Please be there! Oh, and I'd love to see Guy Bee or Ben Edlund there.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?! You bet I will give you a full report THE LOT! Watch this space!

I swear if no one organise a convention for fans to worship Eric Kripke, I would!

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  1. we will have to hang out, and hopefully get around chicago! can't wait for ChiCon! :D


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