16 February 2012

Random Thursday Edition - Supernatural; Misha Collins on Ringer; Arrow; Glee; New Girl

Is it Friday yet?
Friday is coming. Not only we get another episode of Supernatural, we get Mark Friggin Pellegrino! I love this man! I am so intrigued by what he is about to do in the episode, the synopsis looks pretty intense and it's written by Ben Edlund. I can see no wrong there! Ben always delivers! I cannot wait!

The CW stopped doing the Producer Preview for awhile and in the recent months, they started doing it again. But I don't want to watch it, just to avoid any spoilers. But if you are keen, you can watch Bob Singer's clip on SpoilerTV. Is it just me or he looked like Harrison Ford?

Speaking of the CW, the network pulls Secret Circle repeats for Supernatural. There will be two encore episodes of Supernatural The Slice Girls and Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magic Menagerie after The Vampire Diaries on Feb 23 and March 1 (Thursdays). This means, after this week's Repo Man, Supernatural won't return with a new episode until March 9 with 7.16 Out With The Old. That's the plan anyway... Don't we hate the mini hiatus? Anyway, it's good to see Supernatural on their old time slot -- Thursdays 9pm. Source KSiteTV

After Mark Pellegrino's appearance, I am SUPER EXCITED to see Misha Collins again on Supernatural. I think it's been a bit too long since we saw him, I mean...I certainly didn't expect NOT to see him again on the show. Speaking of Misha, he is going to be on Ringer, which is returning to Australia on Monday night. I cannot wait to see Misha on Ringer. TVOvermind has posted a clip of Misha's appearance on Ringer 1.14 Whores Don't Make That Much. I haven't been watching Ringer since it went on a break here before Xmas. It's one of those shows I'll only watch it if it's on TV here. It's ok, I like it. I think Buffy is doing a great job!

HOT Misha is HOT! He is due to come back to Supernatural for 7.17 The Born-Again Identity. E!Online has a spoiler on his return. He is not coming back with on pants on! Oh wait...what?

DC or Smallville fans are familiar with Black Canary (Dinah 'Laurel' Lance) The role was previously played by Alaina Huffman (Stargate Universe). Although it didn't happen in Smallville, Black Canary was like Green Arrow's girlfriend in the comic. So, expect romance or whatever there in CW's new show Arrow. Katie Cassidy has been cast to play Dinah 'Laurel' Lance aka Black Canary. I am getting excited about this show! I hope this will succeed Smallville's place on the CW, and continue to capture DC fans or someone like me who just want to watch a good sci-fi show. Details of Katie's casting can be read on TVLine. I like Katie, I thought her 'Ruby' was great on Supernatural, the original and the best!

You guys know Matt Bomer, right? RIGHT! I know him as Bryce Larkin on Chuck, I have seen may be half an episode of White Collar. Matt Bomer will appear on Glee as Blaine's brother and they are going to sing Duran Duran. SHIT! That's hot and I don't even listen to Duran Duran. Broadway.com has a report on this. Blaine has become my favourite character on Glee. I used to not have a favorite, I mean, I think Rachel is great singer, but I didn't really have a favorite. But now, Blaine has taken the crown, I like the fact that Darren Criss is doing more numbers and he is good.. he is really good! This guy is freakishly talented! I am so glad he is on the show!

Oh and...Matt, I always knew!

Finally, I am falling in love with New Girl. I love Zooey Deschanel. I was watching 500 Days of Summer on the weekend and Here Comes Your Man by Pixies has been on repeat on my iPad. Man! How did I miss this before? I've only seen her in...wait for it...Tin Man. I know! Hey, I like that show! She is one of those actress you won't get sick of watching because her characters are so different from other female roles in the chic-flicks genre and she is so likable in New Girl. I found myself laughing so hard last week while watching the show. Love her!

I need a lot of hugs in coming weeks, real life does suck! I am on a few big projects and I am as calm as Captain Picard, but when people around you start freaking out and panic about anything and everything, I am like.. CHILL DUDES.. Go away and take your negativity with you. A big change is coming. I just want my life back.




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