08 March 2011

Two Words -- Samuel Colt

Can you feel how excited I am about the up-coming episode? Long time friends of this blog would know about my obsession of the Colt. I even nearly wrote the bloody episode just to please myself.

Anyway, 6.18 Frontierland is the episode involving time travelling to the old west, expect to see Samuel Colt, cowboys and cowboy hats. The officials have been very hush-hush about this episode, I have not seen anything such as spoilers or official synopsis anywhere, except a few Twitpics from Guy Bee who directed the episode and Jensen hurt his hand.

So I am going to give you my thoughts on Samuel Colt and what I would like to see in Frontierland. If you give a crap, read on. If not, watch this.

So, the only thing we know so far is that in 1835 Samuel Colt made the gun for hunters. He made the Colt with 13 special bullets before he disappeared, the gun along with him. Somehow it got to Daniel Elkins, a vampire hunter. We first saw the Colt in the Dead Man's Blood, where a bullet was used to kill vampire Edward, I mean Luther.
The Colt was lost and found over the years of the show. Back in season 3, Bella stole the Colt from Dean and Sam, it was gone for awhile. In season 5's The End, future Dean revealed to present Dean that he found the Colt after 5 years of searching. Later on in season 5, Becky revealed to Sam that Bella gave the Colt to Crowley. We didn't see Crowley until the second half of season five where he gave the Colt (with a new bag of bullets) to the Winchesters, hoping that they could kill Lucifer with it. But it didn't work, the Colt was designed to kill anything that move except five things in all of creation, Lucifer was one of them. We are assuming other archangels, may be the Horsemen and perhaps God were amongst the others.

What was the real story behind the Colt? Why did Samuel Colt make the gun? How did he know about the fire power it possessed? Did he know that it could kill demons and monsters? Did someone tell him about it or perhaps instruct him to make the gun? Did he act alone? Don't forget, Samuel Colt also built the giant evil's trap with the Devil's Gate in the middle. The Colt was also a key to open the Devil's Gate. I assume it also locked the Devil's Gate. The construction of the tracks, the gate and the Colt seemed strategic to me. There is no way Samuel Colt didn't know anything about anything!

Let's go further.. why did Bella give the Colt to Crowley? Surely if he was the King of Hell, he could just kill anything anyone without the Colt. Perhaps he needed the Colt to kill something more powerful, Lucifer being one (but it didn't work on him) and perhaps Mother Dearest? Think about it, Crowley wasn't going to find Purgatory and take over without a fight with Mother Dearest. So, naturally, the Colt would serve as a weapon. And I am assuming Crowley wanted to fight Mother Dearest for establishing his territory. I won't be surprised if Crowley had something to do with what happened in the old west.

With Dean and Sam going back to the old west in Frontierland, perhaps it has something to do with the story behind the making of the gun and perhaps the boys will find clues to kill Mother Dearest?

If Frontierland is not about any of the above, I can live with it. Hell! I've been living with this obsession since I started watching the show. But if I could get just one glimpse of the story behind the making of the Colt, I'd be a very very happy viewer. The Colt is tied to the mytho of the show, it's tied to John Winchester and it's tied to the demon/ angel storyarc. I somehow don't see this as a filler episode. But like I said, if it was a filler episode, I can live with it. Just saying I am dying to see something I've wanted to see for soooooooo long!!

Frontierland is directed by Guy Bee, written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin. Actor, Sam Hennings is Samuel Colt. I am sure he is great, but I still want my Jeremy Davis to be Samuel Colt.

I think too much. But I can stop now.. at least for a few weeks.


  1. I wonder if the mother can be killed by the colt. After all Lucifer said that there are 5 things in all creation that this gun cant kill

  2. I don't know if I buy the idea that Crowley wanted it to hunt MoAT. True, we never got any explanation as to why Crowley bought it from Bella, but at that point in the story, there was nothing about Purgatory and Crowley as "the king of hell" even on the radar. At that point, I think he was just a highly rated crossroads demon. I vaguely remember some commenting on his promotion to "king" at the beginning of Season Six.

    That being said, there could be something solid in your theory; I just never made such a logical thought...

    And I too expect that Colt will be a hunter of some sort--a Wild West version of Bobby.

  3. There is definitely something Supernatural about Samuel Colt. And I just hope we get to find out in this episode!!

  4. Oh I wish there was some way I could share immediately the sneak preview scenes we saw at the Paleyfest for this episode. I rarely use this but OMG...

  5. this is killing me i need to know more about the colt

  6. wat does nan timeho mala mean

  7. Hi Don, "nan timeho mala " means I will fear no evils.

    I love the Colt.. I wish there is more episodes about it. Like why did Samuel Colt know about the gun and the power etc..

    Thanks for reading!



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