19 March 2011

Supernatural at Paley; Early Lockdown

Last Sunday, the cast and crew of Supernatural made their epic appearance at the Paley Fest in LA. They said a lot of things, Eric and Sera and the cast teased us and threw us a bone. I got to a point where I had to stop reading and I have decided to go into lockdown sooner than usual.

I am super excited about what's ahead of us, including the western episode and a Castiel centric episode. OMFG!!! The more I think about what they said, the more I desire to find and read spoilers. It's so addictive, seriously!!!! So I guess we'll just look at photos, shall we? ^_^

Photo credit: Getty Images, Winchester Bros & TV Guide's Natalie Abrams. For more photos, videos and reports, visit SuperWiki.

The writers are my heroes!

The boys went straight back to Vancouver after Paley. See Jared changed, Misha changed his shirt, but Jensen didn't. AWESOME!

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