01 March 2011

Happy Birthday -- Jensen Ackles Pics from LACon 2011; Jensen Trends on Twitter


I have strategically selected 33 best photos of Jensen from the recent LACon which I attended. Teeny and I took some really awesome photos from the con. I am really grateful she came with me and took some fantastic photos of the casts from her new camera.

For a full set of photos, you can go to my Flickr to view the complete album. But I know you can't wait, so here are a few hot ones.

Stay turned for more photos of Jared, Misha, Jim, Richard, Mark Sheppard and the video highlight from LACon 2011.

[Update] #JensenAckles is trending on Twitter right now! It is currently March 1st, 9:30pm, Sydney time. Jensen is ABOVE Justin Bieber!

This is at 10:04pm

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