26 March 2011

Erica Durance - TV Guide Photoshoot & WB Interview

Cannot wait for this issue of TV Guide!!!!! I love Erica! She is so cool!!

Smallville is featured on the April 7 issue of TV Guide. Don't miss it!! I think Tom Welling is in it as well.. I mean, the guy is SUPERMAN!! Suck it up and deal with it! Tom is our generation of Superman!

Erica also did an interview awhile ago for WB. They spent a lot of time fixing her hair and I don't see the different! LOL. This interview makes me want to watch her first Smallville episode back in season 4. I love Erica's Lois on Smallville, I have never been a Superman fan, but I am completely sold to Smallville. I want to be Lois when I grow up.

How many hours to go until the end of Smallville? Too sad, don't remind me!

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