26 March 2011

Do you think Jensen could have waited for the iPad 2?

Do you think Jensen could have waited for the iPad 2? I was thinking about the same too, but you know what, I am really happy with the first generation, and like I said before, I am really not missing out too much.

 "Dang! Should've waited! Hey Jared, do you want this?"

I went to the iPad 2 launch at the Sydney's Apple Store last night. I was there probably 7pm, I didn't queue up. I was just taking photos and videos. I was actually surprised the queue was as long as the queue on the opening night of the store! The opening night was raining, so was last night. The vibe was so much like the opening night. And I really want one of the black umbrella with the white Apple logo on it. The store people were distributing the umbrellas to fans waiting outside, I didn't know they actually collected the umbrellas back! I supposed if you just hide it, they won't know? Anyway, if you want to buy the iPad 2 last night, officially you have to line up. They only allowed you to enter in a group of 6 to 7, led by a concierge to the 3rd floor. The Apple Store was busy as usual, but that's like everyday, right?! At a product launch like this, I usually just go straight to the 2nd floor to play, there are less people there.

Let's talk about the stuff that are totally unimportant. TOTALLY! I got my hands on the iPad 2. It was thinner (it's Mac Air thin!), lighter (but not much lighter than iPad 1), faster and sharper (not that it was previously blurry). I was a little underwhelmed by the white iPad. It isn't the classic Apple white, if you know what I mean. It's not like the whole iPad is white, it still has the aluminum back. The white is a little too 'glassy' to me. If it's white, I want it to be the classic Apple white. Not that the look is important or anything.

There are some very interesting stats here. Check out this article, it has the profile of the people at the Apple Store on London’s Regent Street. Were they single, did they own an iPhone, did they have a beard etc.. LOL. Go read it! It's fun! 

The SmartCover is also a fridge magnet, this makes Teeny very excited. She can now stick the iPad on the fridge when she cooks. That brings me to the next topic.. two of my friends including Teeny have decided to buy the iPad 2. I got all these texts yesterday and feel the Apple love! I love a good Apple lover!

If you're thinking of getting something more than a phone but less clumsy than a laptop, you should consider the iPad. It delivers. I hate papers. I don't want to print anything anymore, I love taking my iPad to meetings etc and make notes and show clients stuff. It's better than taking a laptop. When I get back to the office I sync it via iTune. It's great! It's fun and it's cool. It's not about the image, but I really don't see the value and the awesomeness of carrying a $600 laptop from Officeworks.

The iPad is smarter than I thought and it's almost like a cultural revolution, our habits are changing and we are demanding real time news and service more than ever. The iPad pushes the industry to do better. It's good competition. Businesses should take advantage of this revolution. Do it or die!

Again, what makes the iPad (or iPhone) awesome, is the App Store. I randomly discovered 3 new apps last night: pUniverse (so I know what I am looking at when I look up to the sky), Fish Fingers (coz I suck at taking care of real fishes) and The Photo Cookbook -- Baking (I am inspired to bake again!)

 Part 1: The Apple Store looks amazing at night.

I want the black umbrella with the white Apple logo!!

 Part 2: The Apple Store looks amazing at night.

Part 3: The Apple Store looks amazing at night.

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