03 March 2011

Apple talk - iPad 2; Jensening my iDean 5

A few days ago, I sent an email to a dear friend, you may know her the illusive Teeny. Below is the highlight of our conversation:
"So, rumor has it about the white iPad. Good thing for me, I have already purchased a white sleeve with wings for my iCas. But you may want to check this one out anyway.

I have never really like the colour white before, I used to have a lot of black stuff. But I see my life and taste is really changing. From the colour of my new bag to my choice of an iPad sleeve, everything seems brighter and better.

Apple invited the press to attend some sort of announcement thing on March 2nd. Rumor is that Apple will announce iPad 2. Seriously, this press thing screams iPad 2.

But just so you know, I am happily committed to my iPad.

Onto my new baby, iDean 5: if the rumor photo is recurring, I’d like to think it’s pretty true or close to being true. Check this out. It looks very similar to the one we saw a few months ago. But I don’t think it'll a transparent phone. However, I know it will be super cool. It'd better be awesome! I've waited over 12 months for this, this is the upgrade long overdue. When I demand coffee, it must provide."
A few days later, aka today, Apple announced the iPad 2. Surprise! Check out the MacWorld review here. It's thinner, lighter and faster. It's MacAir thin! It has 2 cameras, one of them is for FaceTime. It has a Smart Cover, which is actually pretty smart and there are so many colours to choose from (just like the iPod Nano). And it is available in white as well as black.

I'd like to say I care about other upgrades but I really don't. I still have the practice of using my home Mac as the main machine, if I need stuff on my iDean (iPhone) or iCas (iPad), I'll transfer the relevant files. So I don't feel I am missing out on things like Garage Band and iMovie on my iPad.

iPad is a very smart machine. I am really happy with my purchase. I could've waited, but the iPad was a win during my recent trip to the States.

My current iDean is about to retire. The next generation is what I have been waiting for. And it should have a Christening (I call it Jensening), which involves Jensen touching it and signing it. Seriously, I think the iPhone 5 is worth the wait. Totally!

Oh Jensen touched and signed my iPhone that was named after his character. Touch it again when I get the next one! Excuse to go to next year's LACon!

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