08 February 2011

Smallville gets a 2-hour series finale; Supernatural also gets a 2-hour season finale

Today is full of awesomeness!!!

The series finale of Smallville will get a 2-hour special! The last time we got a 2-hour special was back in season 9 with Absolute Justice. This is so sad as this is the last 2 hours of Smallville. I am so happy that my friend introduced me to this show 2 years ago. And I've loved it ever since! The series finale will air on May 13.

As for Supernatural, the season finale won't air on the same night as Smallville. But we will get a 2-hour finale a week after (May 20). Visit IGN for details. There is no official words regarding the renewal of season 7. I guess we will know very soon!

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