08 February 2011

Piecing Misha's rhino; 3 sleeps to go LACon

I am on cloud 9. I won't let anything and anyone to ruin my day, my life, my happiness. I live to have fun. I am a hugger not a hater.

A few months ago, Supernatural fans campaigned to get our favorite show onto the cover of TV Guide. Misha Collins would help campaigning the voting in exchange of a live rhino from the WB/CW publicist. We won. But no sign of a live rhino. Only if you've received a letter in the mail from Misha you'd know the whole story (cough cough I have the letter).

So SPN received the most votes and we were on the cover of TV Guide. Misha tweeted that we could send him our addresses to claim a piece of rhino anyway as some of celebration if you will.

All thanks to the awesome Laura (I owe you one), I have received the following information from Misha regarding his rhino initiative. I am on a mission with Team 5 to piece together our rhino.

 Misha sent a letter & a puzzle in a plastic zip bag
 I got my puzzle
Misha with the full rhino

If you are confused.. don't be.. There are 6 teams. Each team has I guess 60 pieces of puzzles, each with a number assigned to it. I am on team 5, I have piece 41 of 61. We are locating other pieces within our team and piece the rhino together. There, we shall see Misha's email address and hopefully win the ultimate prize (yes, other than getting hold of Misha's email address, I am greedy and want more). I'll keep you posted.

If you are on team 5 of this worldwide rhino initiative, go to Misha's Rhino Support Group on LiveJournal for more info.

There is of course one more reason to be on cloud 9.. oh let's see.. what is it? That's right! 3 sleeps to go until I get to LA for LACon. Don't be jealous.. be very jealous! I am evil, I know!

Today, the first person I know have departed from Australia to LA for the convention. I told her I couldn't believe what I was about to say: SEE YOU IN LA! And for the whole morning, I have this smile on my face! Today, I also got a ticket to have a Jim-Misha sandwich at the convention.

AND to top the above excitement, I am also going to hug this man:


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  1. Oh, you do not understand my jealousy!!!
    I can't wait untill you post all the gory details !!!
    I love your blog, & anything SPN.
    Well good luck!



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