12 February 2011

LACon Day 1 - Kareoke Night Highlight Pics

I arrived safely. I am feeling awesome. I arrived very early this morning in LA, I wasted no time and went to the Universal Studio and did the whole tourist thing in the Hop On Hop Off Bus. But that's for another time another blog, I am sure you want to know what happened in Day 1 at the LACon.

I only went to the BBB Concert & the karaoke night. It was awesome! Here are a few highlight for the night. Click on the pic to view larger size.

Sighting of Jared after the concert, he was helping out on the selling of the BBB CD.

The kareoke was awesome. I have a a few videos to upload when I return home, and they have good sound! For now, here are a few photos to keep you happy :)

I am off to bed. I have Jim, Misha, Richard & Mark tomorrow.. Good might all :)



  1. Awww thanks for sharing with those who could not attend the L.A. con!


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