13 February 2011

LACon Day 2 (Part 3) - Highlight pics from Jim's & Misha's panel

Jim was like the naughtiest uncle! But he is so nice and so much fun. Misha on the other hand was hilarious, I laughed so hard during his session. OMG Misha I love this man soooooo much.

I also had a Jim & Misha sandwich. Misha's suit was smooth & he smelt great. He is such a handsome man! I also had an autograph from Jim & Misha.. I am just so happy that I get to meet them today. Really happy!

More to come but here are a few selected pics. If you want use these photos, please link them back here or ask me first please.

"Hummm, I love Jared!"

Misha is his size 2 trenchcoat. It was given to him by a fan. They were talking about Cas' trenchcoat and it just happened that someone in the audience had a Cas' trenchcoat.

He was using his fan's mobile phone that was in this pocket.

Misha was doing auctions for Random Acts.

Tomorrow, I'll be hugging this man! I need to be awesome.

One more thing, I have won something from the charity auction. Want to know what this it? It's big and I think it's heavy! Watch this space!

This is Tiny, sort of reporting from LACon.

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