02 February 2011

9 days to LACon; The 3rd Birthday; the return of SPN and SMV

It's down to a single digit. 9 days to go and I am off to LA for LACon!! Seriously, I am so excited (surprise?). So excited I think I am going to do a runsheet for the convention and designate which memory card and camera to use for each session! I am organising so final details such as extra camera battery and memory cards (class 4 or above), just to be sure!

This is going to be the trip of a life time. I have never done anything this crazy before and this is quite crazy in my book. I cannot, I repeat CANNOT WAIT to meet Jensen in person! I must not faint!

Speaking of Jensen, he did another voice job for a video game called The 3rd Birthday, he plays Kyle Madigan. The game also features Yvonne Strahovski as Aya Brea. The game is created by Square, who created other games such as Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider. OMG.. two of my favorite talents are in the same game, their voices, acting and good looks should be transcended onto the big screen. Can someone make this a live action movie NOW? Like NOW!!?? The 3rd Birthday released on 29 March. Click here for the PR release. Check out an article on Zap2it, they have a really cool photo of Aya and Kyle against Yvonne and Jensen. Love interest OMG! They make a great on-screen action couple!! HOT! I'll pay 3D for this movie, should there be one!! HEAR ME NOW MOVIE STUDIO!!!

After after last week's schmazel caused by the CW, Supernatural and Smallville are back for real this time. Fans! Do not miss this week's all new episodes of Supernatural and Smallville. If you live in the States, please watch the shows live.


  1. Don't suppose they'll make a supernatural game? they must! Dude if i had tickets to the la con, i would have packed aaggeess ago! make sure you triple check everything before you go! lol maz

  2. They have role-playing game for SPN, but don't think that's super popular. I would love to play a SPN game on a real console... (I'll get one for it!)



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