06 February 2011

Review: Supernatural 6.12 Like a Virgin

Hello? I am back.

There is no better song than Aerosmith's Back In the Saddle to be the opening song for the mid-season premier of Supernatural.

It is awesome to have Supernatural back and we didn't get the Ghostfacer/ Family Remains type of filler episodes. Not that I don't like fillers, but sometimes when you're gone for so long, you don't want the non-alcoholic cocktail or the chai latte. You want something strong, like Johnnie Walker Blue label or ice chocolate with chocolate ice-cream.

Supernatural came back really strong with Like a Virgin. It did not disappoint, the recap was epic. If you haven't watched the first half of this season, that recap certainly helped. The episode itself has so much awesomeness in it. The show didn't wait until the next episode to reveal the new big bad. (Not sure if the actress was convincing enough to be a baddie, but I have a theory on this. More later.)

I don't know about you, but in retrospect, I always felt a tiny nod in my tummy when I watched the first half of season 6. Not in a bad way, but there were so many questions unanswered episode after episode: what's with the alphas; where is purgatory; what the fudge is grandpa doing; what's up with Sam; what do you mean Sam's soul is missing; what's with the creepy tea party? I just wanted to know enough, just throw me a bone, you know!

But this mid-season premier came back like a smoothie, it wasted no time to flush out all the obvious details (which they could have dragged it out a bit) -- Puppy-eye Sam woke up with his soul intact; it didn't take long for Sam to find out about his soulless self (thanks to huggy bear); the boys are back on the road immediately; Purgatory is revealed and so is the new big bad, Mother.

So let's talk about Mother. Every time I hear Mother, I have Mother from Lost in my head! Can't help it! And she was weird!

Why the virgins and why were the dudes collecting them? I thought perhaps they needed more than one body to open the Purgatory's gate. But the first one that we saw succeeded. Perhaps may be Mother needed more than one vessel because the vessel won't contain Mother too long, or may be Mother needed a fresh body all the time. May be the virgins are some kind of leverage. And whatever Mother's is, she is bad-ass. She could be pissed off, because after all these years angels and demons dominated earth, she was left out and now she wanted the fun. What do you call Mother by the way? I mean early sign didn't indicate whether she was a fallen angel like Luci or she was a demon or she was just a mother of all monsters. The reveal of Mother set up the second half of season 6 nicely. Something tells me season 6 is only going to get more epic!

The brotherly moments were great to watch -- the hug was the best one since Lazarus Rising; I was very happy to see the boys back on the road in the Impala working a case with no argument or disagreement; I was happy to see Dean not too stress. And the return of Sam's puppy eyes was very nice! There was no awkward moment.. well.. expect when Cas wanted a hug and didn't get it. Even Bobby got a hug! Poor Cas! (HAHA!) And how awesome and funny to see Dean tried to pull an Excalibur? Kudos to Jensen's comedic performance as well as the music!

I guess my overall reaction on this episode is this: I am very happy. 

A hug? Ewwww..

Yes please..

The episode was written by Adam Glass and directed by Phil Sgriccia. 

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  1. Loved this episode Tiny, it felt like old school Supernatural, something I didn't even realise I was missing until I had it back! I was also very glad they just got all the story out there and didn't drag it out. Mother looks like she's going to be trouble, I can't wait to see what happens! The bro moments were awesome, the hug was awesome, the working the case was awesome, the riding in the Impala was awesome and the classic rock opener was awesome! You summed it up well when you said you are very happy. Me too.


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