07 February 2011

4 sleeps to go -- LACon, here comes Tiny!

I was just going over my stuff last night, it's been 7 months since I booked my flight & convention tickets. Just last weekend, I organized some extra memory cards and camera battery. I think 6 cards should do as I don't want to miss a heart beat. Right?

The past few days, I started to receive reminder emails from airline and hotel etc. I wish I get a special SPN room key or a gift bag on arrival. We were just talking about hugs on Twitter, which is the forth most important subject on Supernatural. Since Cas didn't get a hug from Sam, for whatever awkward reason, I think Misha & Jared should hug on stage at LACon, just to make up the lost hug of Cas. Yeah, call me crazy.

The preliminary program of LACon is out, except Sunday. Check out the CreationCon website for detail. I am hoping to see the final program before I leave.

So this is what's gonna to happen. I will be away from Friday for about a little over a week. Don't worry you don't hear from me. I don't know how good or crap wifi is in the States. But I do have the app on my iPad to update blog, I will do my best to do so. It all depends on wifi. You can follow me on Twitter: @tiny_winchester

The dude asked where Dean found the dragon sword, Dean replied "Comic Con!"

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