14 February 2011

LACon Day 3 - Highlight pics of the Jensen & Jared panel

I am so overwhelmed today. I am so happy that my mind is blank at the moment. But I know this is what you have been waiting for... So may I present Jensen & Jared at LACon. I promise, you will get more stuff later.

Click on the pics to view them in large. Please link them back to this blog or ask me first before you want to use them. Thank you :)

And for those who give a crap.. I won a charity auction item on Saturday. What have I gotten myself into? I almost couldn't fit this into my suitcase!

That's right. I won the stage poster as seen on the below photo. This is signed by all guests who attended the convention this year. I am so happy! This is a major pain in the ass to take it back to Australia, but I'm just so happy.

I will give a full update later, including my photo op experience with Jensen, Jared, Jim and Misha. I didn't faint and I survived. I am alive, am I?

But one more thing, my iPhone is officially Jensenated! 


  1. Tiny that is Kick Ass! love the iphone now i want him to do that to my phone

  2. So lucky!!!! Thank you very much for sharing <3

  3. Jensen Ackles é lindo mesmo.Um amor por assinar no seu iPhone.Obrigada por compartilhar as fotos e tudo mais com a gente.


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