05 September 2010

Sunday Edition: John Winchester, I could just slap you! Why don't you go talk to your children?

TV viewing is a funny thing. It's totally subjective. I do watch House and Dexter, but it's different. There are shows I'll watch it on TV if it's on, but I won't go home for it. And there are TV shows I have to watch it the moment it airs, I have to watch it by any means! People have different reasons for liking a TV show. To me, I always look for the one moment or episode that WOW me. The one moment that I'd say to myself, "I so dig this shit."

Throughout the history of Supernatural, I have always love this one scene in season one. A scene that defined the show, the story and the conflict of the characters. A scene that tied things together. A scene that said it all. In retrospective, this scene was the center of the Kripke's universe - THE WINCHESTERS.

The scene I am talking about is the end scene in episode 1.09 Home, where we saw John sitting on the couch in Missouri's house. He felt miserable for not seeing his sons, he thought he should distance himself from the boys because he didn't want them to get hurt, he didn't want them to be involved in his search for the YED who killed Mary. This was the first time since the Pilot we saw John Winchester. Without knowing too much about the show back then, I expected John as a phantom figure who we would never get to see. The scene itself was perfectly written, executed and performed. The close-up of John and his wedding ring were so awesome, I really felt the pain.

Season 1 was really about Dean and Sam's quest of finding Dad. But why was Dad missing? How could he just leave the boys and hunt down the YED on his own? What was Dad thinking? What happened in the dark place where all the story began? Season 1 really set the tone of what was to come in the next 4 years. Kripke never got sidetrack from the core of the story. And I think this scene at the end of Home really defined what the show was about. This is the OMG moment for me as a fan. This was the only time the adult versions of all the Winchester appeared in one episode - Dad, Mum, Dean and Sam.

Now that we are moving towards a new era of the show, the Campbells will be featured more prominently on the show, I am really intrigued to see where the story will go, what Sera Gamble, the new showrunner will give us. I have always been a big fan of the Winchester family episodes, such as Home, Something Wicked, A Very Supernatural Xmas, In the Beginning and The Song Remains the Same. You can see how excited I am about the idea of having the Campbells on the show!

To get ready for the season 6 premier, I am hosting another Supernatural Rewatch Twitter Party, we will watch all the season premiers (season 1-5) in one go. Details here. Hope to see you on Twitter on the 19th Sept (1pm, Sydney time).

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