12 September 2010

Smallville: Teasers of all teasers; interview with Eric Durance

Smallville the final season has not one but five new promos. Very interesting! They are all very short but very cryptic. My guess is these are the 5 key elements/ story-lines (or loose-ends) for the final season.

The Suit Promo - Yes, that's THE suit!

The Cross Promo - Lois wearing the t-shirt with the symbol is hot! Speaking of the House of El symbol, I was dining out at a Chinese restaurant last night and the waiter wore a blue shirt (as in superman blue) and a blue tie with the symbol (the symbol was embroidered!) Good man!

The LX6 Promo - OK so, Rosenbaum returns or not, I think the nemesis will be featured in the finals season one way or another.

The Flying Colors Promo - Clark will fly! For pie sake, just fly already!

Helmet - This one I can't work out but perhaps there is going to be a stronger connection between the new Dr Fate, the Helmet and Chloe?

Here is Erica Durance answering fans' questions on the CW Connect:

KryptonSite and KSite

mallville the final season and Supernatural season 6 premier on Friday 24 Sept on the CW. The perfect and best Friday night line-up on TV!

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