15 September 2010

Supernatural Season 6 New Promos; Misha's Interview; War of the Sons; Official Mags; Lockdown Reminder

Oh YEAH!! All new promo (extended version) is here and it's hot! This is awesome, the show looks so cool and mature. It actually looks like a movie trailer. Good job CW!

[Spoilers alert]

Space promo - non spoilery

With all the talks about Dean's shirt tugged in, Sam still has the same hair cut and now, the Impala has a new nemesis too! Check out the
TV Squad new interview with Misha Collins.

So, just like previous season, I will only watch the promos most of the time, but I won't be watching any preview clips. I will go into lockdown next week. I cannot wait!!!! BRING IT!

Oh hey, I am reading War of the Sons. It's awesome! Not many books can keep my attention and this is one of them! It's like reading the Supernatural version of Dan Brown. I shall blog it when I am done!!

On more reading materials, the new
Supernatural magazines are out! I love the covers! I don't mention the mags enough here! But here they are!!

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