23 September 2010

Congratulations fans, you have survived the hellaus

Photo source: SpoilerTV

Did you know summer is approaching Australia? It's getting warm here. With all the hottest from my favorite TV shows, I am going to melt.

Jensen Ackles' interview with the CW Connect. He must have talked a lot of details about certain topics, you could see there were quite a few cuts/ fades to cut his stuff down. I love it! Jensen is especially passionate about his directorial debut!

Seeing the show is returning in like a day, there are a couple of interviews with Jensen and Jared. A couple of journos visited the Supernatural set this week. The interview got a lot of attention from fans (but try not to read fans' comments because, OMG, fans do complain a lot!). So, you can read the full interview via IGN instead. I won't link the other site with loads of fans' comments, I don't think they are healthy simple because they just went on and on and on about stuff, I honestly don't understand why some fans are upset about the direction and the characters of the show.

Both Jensen, Jared and the creative team are so passionate about the show, they have excellent work ethic. No one set out to make a crap show, and Supernatural is certainly amongst the best, I consider myself a lucky viewer with great show like Supernatural played on my TV. This is an exciting time to watch TV, why are you guys complaining?

If you haven't heard already, Teri Hatcher will play Lois's mum (Eric Durance's Lois) on Smallville. OMG, I am not a fan of Hatcher not Lois and Clark but I am liking this casting news. It's just so cool having two Lois in the same episode! Read more on SpoilerTV. Tom Welling will direct episode nine titled Patriot this season. Read more again on SpoilerTV.

Tune in for the best Friday night line-up on TV. Smallville and Supernatural return Friday 24 Sept on the CW.

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