09 September 2010

Jensen Ackles: I always knew you're a Mac

I am not finding an excuse for another blog post about how much I dislike PC, but hey, fact and personal experience say it all. Again, what took me an hour to do at work, I could get it done in 2 minutes with my MacBook. It's just dumb! Don't give me the 'the machine is new, it's the Rolls-Royce of all laptops' crap. From a user point of view, I ask "This is what I need to do... tell me this can be done on your machine, and tell me I can do this now." The Mac always come through as the winner.

By the way, did you know I was once told not to use Firefox and have to stick to Explorer in the office? It's just dumb!

Anyway, I always knew Jensen is a fan of Mac.

Also, what is the black thing on his head? Is that a hair clip?

Source: SpoilerTV

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