16 August 2010

Supernatural Rewatch - Details Announced for the Next Twitter Party

To celebrate the return of Supernatural, I will be hosting a massive Supernatural rewatch via Twitter. It will take place on Sunday 19 Sept at 1pm, Sydney time. If you are not based in Sydney (Australia), you can convert time via The World Clock Time Converter.

This time, we are going to rewatch all the season premiers including the Pilot. That's a total of five episodes in a row. That's gonna be fun! To thank Eric Kripke for creating the best thing on television, the hashtag for this rewatch will be #EricKripke.

Sunday 19th September 2010
1pm, Sydney Time*
Hashtag #EricKripke

If you are not based in Sydney, you can convert time via The World Clock Time Converter.

Episodes viewing in this order

1.01 The Pilot

2.01 In My Time of Dying

3.01 The Magnificent Seven
4.01 Lazarus Rising

5.01 Sympathy for the Devil

How to join the Tiny Twitter Party
You just need to be on Twitter. If you are not, just go to Twitter and sign up.

If you are on Twitter, here are three ways to join us:

Follow Tiny & Tiny Panic Room & Tiny Flatbread. (You must follow all accounts in case I go to Twitter jail.)
Follow our tweets on TweetChat HERE
Follow my SPNRewatch member list HERE

When tweeting, feel free to use the hashtag #EricKripke in your tweets.

Get your DVDs/ downloads/whatever ready! We begin each episode with the "Previously On".

I will do a countdown so that we can all press the play button together. Don't worry if you are a few seconds or minutes in front or behind. Every 10 mins or so, I'll tweet the viewing time of the episode, so that you know where we are up to.

You are welcome to come in and out during the rewatch. We'll have a short break (5 to 10 minutes) in between each episode.

Remember the Twitter Party is highly interactive. Join the conversation and make new friends.

I hope you can join us at on Sunday 19th August, 1pm Sydney time. Got questions? Ask me on Twitter or post a comment here.

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